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Ancient Rumblings, SRM 06-03

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published Missions adventure, Ancient Rumblings SRM 06-03, that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

This session summary is courtesy of Marshall. Thanks so much man! This is awesome stuff!

The Players

Claudius, an ogre street sam
Quaid, a human sniper adept
Delta, an elven technomancer
Raid, an ork street sam (pregen)

Debriefing Log: Claudius’ Notes

We get a call from Simon Andrews to meet at a sketchy pirate themed bar, McCheesy Beards? Anyhow, Simon offers us a job, no Frills and no Negotiations. 2k nuyen retainer and 10k fee for exploring Anderson Electronics on behalf of SK. Various asking around and matrix searches tell us that SK bought Anderson Electronics pre-crash and that it used to be part of Fuchi Industrial Electronics. Pre-crash they were working on a very early concept of ware for riggers and deckers to compete with VR. Well that’s gone, and the records of the work is gone, But Simon wants us to explore and see if we find anything.

Satellites show an increase in Lone Star presence in the area around the “Core”. The Anderson facilities were just to the west. Additional matrix research shows our target building neighbors a cemetery with suspiciously low activity levels from very few new graves, to practically no squatter or neighbor interactions. Reasons why are not immediately known.

Since we are without mage today, we had to think of a way to reach the top of the building. We determined that Quaid had a grappling hook and that it would have to do to get us all up. We arrive at the target building to discover it’s a total wreck. Several floors are total garbage, skeleton framework is all that remains of the top floors, the next two floors are unsteady and covered in detritus. It would seem that the place was looted for everything from weapons, to information, to things to keep oneself warm. Then afterwards targeted for wanton destruction merely for the fun of it.

We entered in a diamond formation to keep visibility high, and find there is some vegetation that looks to have been struggling to grow here for the past 15 years. The wireless signal is so bad as we proceed through that Delta half jokes that we need to buy a signal booster of some type. We fight the urge to vomit, some better then others, at the smell as we head downstairs. Using Delta’s fly spies we explore the basement till a large room with double doors.

We dynamically enter the room, discovering a 4 foot by 4 foot by 1 foot pile of bones in the center of the room. Twisted and mangled and disgusting, They didn’t compare to the horror of the Pods hanging from the walls. Emanating no heat or noise they appeared lifeless. We knew they were bug pods and so after hemming and hawing for a few minutes we beat feat to the main floor. There several of us got messages from Becky 99 asking for emergency cover if we were in the area. Well we were!

As Delta and Raid went out to the van to get medical supplies and better view of the action, Quaid went upstairs to get himself a better view. I remained by the door to cover when Becky and her wounded got inside. We route the rival gang and meet with becky99.

Becky99 tells us that she will pay us 1k nuyen for the assist and another 8k nuyen each to help in locating her girl Tasha, whom they obviously have had no luck in locating. Her theory is that their presence clams up possible help. Becky provides us with three leads she hasn’t yet investigated.

First there’s the graveyard that we are located next to, How fortunate. Second is in the Vault where Dr Martin Tate works and where Tasha has many friends there. Finally in the Brother’s Scrapyard, a community of previously homeless metahumans and other refugees, working together to eek out a life. Tasha has friends there too – what a likable girl she is. The scrapyard has a large garden and a pretty established boundary so it seems they are fairly successful for their means.

We immediately accept and head over to the Cemetery, where we find no new graves and a collection of Ghouls live there, well unlive there. Anyway they certainly didn’t live there anymore. We discovered their bodies in the center of a building, in a pile with electrical, acid, frost and fire burns. Likely attributed to elemental attacks. They weren’t without a fair share of lethal cuts and slashes though.

Able to learn nothing, we moved onto the next closest location, Brother’s Scrapyard. Several city blocks in both length and width, it was closed for business by the time we got there, or so said the dink at the door. He also implied that them bring a trading community, we would get no help if we didn’t have something to trade for it. So we spent all night dragging the nearest cars over to the front door (being careful to make a racket while doing so) by morning we had 1 and a half cars at the door when they opened to greet us.

The man at the door recognized Tasha but said he hadn’t seen her in two weeks. One and a half weeks ago a kid in a white smock was looking for her too. He was creepy though so the guy gave him no help. The following day they were attacked by Ancients. He checked some footage and found that the Ancients were also moving all jerkily and funny, like a bunch of meat skins. (Bug spirits in real living bodies. Wretch!) We were able to identify several specific gangers and where they hailed from, an S-Mart normth of the Noose & the Shattergraves. We sensed time was running short and we decided to rush to the Ancients. A little questioning and thinking lead us to know that the Ancients had a local power shake up and theress a kid called the Alter Boy leading the pack now. Sounds like he may be a bug shaman. We decide that given the first opportunity, this kids gotta die (maybe that’s just me..).

As we arrive I’m feeling kinda slow so I pop some sweet sweet Jazz. We arrive and burst in to find a completely empty store. Registers all destroyed and the shelves are pushed away from a circle in the center of the empty building. The lights are also destroyed, disassembled or re tasked to focus there on the center in the circle. There are something like 12 elves facing into the circle, it seemed ritualized like a magic circle or something (but having no finger wiggler to confirm this, we decided it just was).

We come around the corner and a little boy’s voice shouts “Your queen can’t stop us!” and he raises a dagger above a child’s restrained body on a table. Frag that!

Quaid shoots the boy as he gives some preteen monologue, I didn’t catch the bulk of it. Something about “my master and I will get what we want from somewhere else”..“We don’t need her technomancy..” Whiny little snot shouts for his goons to come kill us. Now we are talking!

I lay into the closest guy for maximum effectiveness, Becky99 gets my best work. Raid tries to divide and conquer two guys – doesn’t kill them but knocks them prone. The whole entourage now turns on us and jogs forward shooting when they please. They fire some at us, I don’t notice them as very effective. Quaid lays it all out there and pops the whiny kid again. Still he doesn’t go down, but instead skitters around a corner. I go to shoot 3 guys and drop two of them. Raid smokes his original targets and Delta puts a slug in another one. Then one comes up by Raid and I and suddenly explodes. Dumb fragger had some kind of head bomb! Now knowing that, we backpedal and clear out the rest of the mooks. We rescue the girl on the altar and learn that it is not Tasha but a girl named Shae, She must have technomancer ability since that’s why preteen was so angsty over her.. The tragic note is that Tasha’s body was piled in a corner amongst other bodies and is several days old. Kids killing kids, it’s a rough world…

We deliver the news to Becky99 and bring this Shae girl to her as a consolation, plus Becky99 needs a new urchin. Becky99 paid us and we all went home. I’m pretty bummed. Oh and we contacted Simon Andrews about finding nothing but a bug den on his site. He will have to deal with that.

Personal Lessons: Don’t let age determine who lives and dies, old crones can be good, little kids can deserve to get their skull caved in. Even Pacifist Ghouls lives are at risk from racist dirtbags. Don’t let your kids hang out with other kids who read Quantum Physics textbooks.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 11,000 nuyen (2K from Simon Andrews, 9K from Becky99)
Karma: 7
Reputation: +1 Street Cred (rescuing Shae)
Contacts: Simon Andrews (Loyalty +1 (max 4)/Connection 5), Becky99 (Loyalty +1 (max 4)/Connection 4)


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