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CMP 2013-01: Dragon’s Song 1 – Jailbreak Rock

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published Missions adventure, Jailbreak Rock CMP 2013-01, that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Big props to our player Marshall for the write up on this one. We had a great session with record attendance – 8 players!

The Players

Bluestreak, an elven rigger
Claudius, an ogre street sam
Felix, an elven Cat shaman
Finnegan, a human “battering ram” adept
Delta, an elven technomancer
Quaid, a human sniper adept
Sechs, a human mage
TGIF, a troll street sam

Debriefing Log

We met with the Johnson, a famous rocker named Kat o’ Nine Tales. She has an urgent mission in Denver for us, We need to free a political captive in denver. BTW our job’s to free a captive dragon, from another dragon…

Perianwyr is a dragon music producer who works in Denver, he and Ghostwalker had a tiff, then Perianwyr left for a bit, to cool off, or lick his wounds. When he gets back however, Ghostwalker (the big dragon) arrests him with some trumped up charges. Felix talks the pay rate up to 14K if we pull off the job.

We arrive in denver in a T-bird called Betty. Its driven by a half Hispanic pirate named Kane. He’s a human too. As we enter the metroplex, a half dozen drones and 2 astral forms approach. One an Icy Rapter and the other a mean “Frosty the Snow Man.”

Quaid deftly blows one drone into another, sending them down to the dirt. Felix waves his hands and a fire elemental appears at the exhaust pipe, I can’t see it, but he’s pretty trustworthy, so its probably there.

New guy named Finnegan jumped into a mounted gun starboard side and I take the port side mounted gun. TGIF pulls out her shield and guards my toes, what a sweetie, I guess. Sechs throws off a ball lightening and it lets off a umm.. flash? Only 1 drone goes down though, the wind is being really dastardly in the storm. Bluestreak slumps over like riggers sometimes do, says he took control of the Arcon laser, it fired while he was passed out, so maybe? These computer guys can do some wiz things.

All this time Delta’s passed out too, and as usual, talking in our ears, he wants to try to snag one of the drones, so we ought to save him one. Kane adjusts and the whole bird rolls, one drone doesn’t recover and scraps its pants. Hah…. I’m hilarious.

The flight cabin suddenly gets really cold, as the damn Snowman manifests. Holy crap. Then I hear Kane screech that there’s another in the cockpit, must be the bird one. While distracted, the drones all line up and give TGIF what for. She shrugs it off like the badass trog she is.

Quaid dropped his rifle and whips out his shotgun, blasted Frosty with a mighty slam. There’re snowflakes everywhere. Felix said “fried chicken” and wiggled his fingers and threw some mana toward the cockpit. I think I heard a bird shriek, but I’s still focusing more outside than inside. Finnegan dropped from his chair and pulled his pistol, fired into the cockpit but missed anything soft and hit the console. There’s a shudder as the ship responds to her surprise pain. TGIF hopped into the mounted gun and fired, predicted the movement just fine as the drone strolls into the fire lane as if it were a sunday trip to the ice cream bar. Dropped like a stone.

Delta pinged the last drone for “adoption” and sent some message about how its “empty” and that nobody’s “jumped in”. Weird tech heads.

Sechs shouted something about banishment and wiggled his fingers,There was an angry squawk from the cockpit but nothing panned out. Bluestreak aimed at the remaining drone just in case Delta couldn’t steal it. I figured that’s a good idea and do the same. Suddenly Felix’s fire spirit showed up in the cockpit and starts pummeling the ice bird. Felix also pushes more mana at it. The sudden defrosts cooks its goose and it evaporates. Suddenly the ship rockets into the air and toasts the final drone with an exuberant cheer from the pilot.

We land at a farmhouse and see three people. Apparently pop culture musicians that Bluestreak’s has heard of. One’s a tall redhead and, bits of orange in her hair too. Seems angry. Another is a short red dwarf, man, apparently I learn he’s a Menehune, so apparently he’s Hawaiian chummer. They are a rock duo call Blitzkrieg. There’s another guy, an albino elf in a business suit, named Donald. He reps for a club called Eclipse. They are supporters of our rescue-ee’s work and are the ones who are really paying us. They offer us help and we boil it down to them helping us by providing get a way cars and drivers for the escape. They also tell us the dragon is being held in the basement of an old National Guard building. Its got a contingent of troops and is the political prison of Ghostwalker.

We gotta go now because there’s a press conference that Ghostwalker is giving about terrorism and stuff in the multiplex, and its in an hour. There’s a plan to have a disturbance to distract the troops and so we will only deal with the skeleton crew during the extraction.

We plan out our plans and put ourselves into two groups. Delta, Felix, Finnegan, & TGIF in one and BlueStreak, Sechs, Quaid and me in the other. Team 1 goes in and is going to break him out, team 2 is going to go in and be a distraction to get them out.

We get there and there’s a couple of spirits in astral, an air and an earth. They circle the building. Hidden Matrix host is discovered.

Team 1 sneaks in, but TGIF does the worst sneak job, and is almost certainly detected. They hack the door with a little luck and go in. Building security including spirits arrive and attack.

Finnegan fires wildly, pushing units to the side door. Felix summons a spirit and mana busts the other spirit. Bad earth spirit manifests and targets Felix but misses. TGIF makes an impressive shot with her Ares Predator V for some damage thanks to APDS. Once the earth spirit is disrupted, Finnegan batters through an internal wall to surprise the sec team. Team 1 gets bogged down in a firefight with the heavily armored security.

Team 2 goes to the back door when it’s mentioned that we are now the extraction team. We crash through a cyclone fence, and do at 180 turn. Crazy riggers. Sechs summons a fire spirit in advance of whatever happens.

Then Sechs lightning bolts a loading door and Quaid and I swiss cheese the door with high velocity rounds. Bluestreak slides the van into the ice covered loading dock scary well and we break through the damaged garage door. We quickly make our way to the basement prison.

Bluestreak cracks the maglock, while Sech’s fire spirit tells us about the magical barrier. We go downstairs and find a horseshoe guard terminal, we blow past them, and find our severely weakened target. We rescue him as well as a woman and a local politician. We exit and while team 1 disengages, and we see on our vid screens there’s a riot at Ghostwalker’s press conference. A clown stands up and starts addressing the groups and is shouting at Ghostwalker. Then magical pyrotechnics begin. Meanwhile, it appears there’s a strike force of Aztechology soldiers invading the CAS sector. Talk about hell in a handbasket.

We get back to the t-bird race out of that mess. Once back in Chicago we are told not to leave yet because there may be other work for us.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 14,000 nuyen
Karma: 7
Reputation: +1 Street Cred (rescuing Perianwyr)
Contacts: Perianwyr (Loyalty +1 (max 4)/Connection 5)


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