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CMP 2014-01 Boundless Mercy: Recon

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the unpublished CMP 2014-01 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Last week’s winter storm abated leaving tall snowdrifts and icy conditions in the Chicago Sprawl. Quantum Princess, fixer and legendary decker, called up the team for a job. The team included Yurei, the ork ganger turned samurai, Shift, dwarven decker/rigger, Solitaire, elven gunslinger adept, and Slim, an elven social adept and sniper. QP pointed the team to a French restaurant on Lake Michigan south of the Zone called La Petite Mer.

The team got dressed up and met a dwarven Quebecois fixer and their Mr. Johnson, Laurent Nazaire. He made pleasant conversation during appetizers and pitched the job after the main course was ordered. He explained that an empty rural cabin south of the Chicago Sprawl was the base of a magical group and was attacked 10 days ago. Nazaire wanted the team to investigate the site and bring back any data about its former occupants.

Slim shrewdly negotiated top pay for the team, 7,500 nuyen plus standard fencing rates for any paydata found. Then, Nazaire explained that the site was a Chapterhouse (base) for the Illuminates of the New Dawn. The Southside Circle was led by Magus Girardi. Information about his whereabouts was especially important.

En route, Shift got some aerial surveillance of the woodland cabin and surrounding farmland. He also researched the local Illuminates and Girardi.

Once near the site, the team donned their sneak suits and advanced carefully – until a squirrel-like watcher spirit starting chattering “loudly” in astral space. Solitaire warned the team and a massive fur-covered beast spirit converged on them. Despite innumerable claws and dagger-filled maws, Yurei dodged away. Solitaire closed and ended it was a single slash of his magical blade.

Within moments, another beast spirit closed. It roared savagely and Yurei was overcome with supernatural fear. He bolted back toward the main road.

Solitaire easily destroyed the spirit and Yurei’s panic ended as quickly as it started.

The runners advanced on the ruined lodge and found a rusted-out van parked in front. Shift sent his Fly-Spy drone closer. He recognized the tag on the van as belonging to the wiz-gang The Specters. The drone moved to an open window frame. Within he saw 3 wiz-gangers preparing for attack.

Wasting no time, Solitaire launched a Neuro-Stun VII grenade from his Ares Alpha into the window. Simultaneously, Slim fired his Ares Dessert Strike through the cabin wall into the ganger visible on the drone’s video feed. The ganger dropped.

Shift lowered his rotodrone in front of a broken-out bedroom window and fired a narcojet dart at the mage leader. The round bounced off a magical shield. The mage summoned a large air elemental, but before he could order it, Shift changed tactics. The drone loosed a hail of bullets, destroying the mystical barrier and the mage. The spirit departed.

Once the gas cleared, the team entered and found the third mage passed out (due to the Neuro-Stun) near the back door. The team bound him and left him in the rusted van.

Back inside, a search of the place revealed some magical reagents and a secret panel door to a ruined root cellar. Solitaire gracefully moved down. Switching to his third eye, he felt a wash of malice and saw a ghostly form enter the debris-filled room. The specter attacked with an agony spell, which Solitaire shrugged off, feeling only momentary mild discomfort.

The adept then gracefully hurtled the fallen timber and destroyed the restless spirit with a flourish of his blade. The rest of the team started calling him “Ghostbuster”.

After searching the basement, the team found an unpowered node. They removed it and loaded up Shift’s van. Once on the road, they passed a lit-up patrol car heading the opposite way.

Back at the safehouse, Shift powered up the node and found it connected to an IoND host. He sleazed his way inside and found a medieval tower lined with impossibly high bookshelves and drifting motes of light. He quickly found the files (books) related to the Southside Chapterhouse’s research, correspondence from Girardi, and several valuable videos. Shift found and diffused a data bomb, made copies and jacked out.

The team learned that Girardi and an underling, named Stackowski, were communicating about a missing subject. The research notes explained that they were injecting HMHVV into healthy people and monitoring their changes into ghouls, vampires and worse! Furthermore, the videos showed that Girardi escaped the Chapterhouse before the attack.

The team contacted Nazaire to wrap up. The meet was at a small, old church in a Westside neighborhood with Czech-sounding businesses and accents. An attached mausoleum, held a false back wall, that Nazaire opened. He led the runners into a clean, well-lit sitting area. An attractive mixed Asian-Caucasian woman in a dark suit introduced herself as Elizabeth Nunn. She listened intently to the team’s findings and thanked them. Nazaire paid the agreed upon amount plus 5,000 nuyen for the videos and told the team to expect more work within the next week.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 9,325 nuyen each (includes base pay, extra pay data, and fenced loot)
Karma: 7 (survival, defeating The Specters, defeating the specter, finding the node, hacking the node)
Reputation: +1 Street Cred (defeating The Specters)
Contacts: Naurent Nazaire (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4), Elizabeth Nunn (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4)


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