Shadowrun Missions Madison

CMP 2014-01 to -04 Boundless Mercy Series

Gamhole Con 2015

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published Boundless Mercy adventure series, that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

All 4 adventures were run at Gamehole Con in Madison, WI in November 2015. BTW this is an awesome, rapidly growing con dedicated to tabletop games. I hope to see a much bigger CDT presence next year and will do what I can to make this happen!

Session 1. Boundless Mercy: Recon
The team’s rigger barreled up to the hunting lodge ruin and team went all-out assault mode. They destroyed two Force 6 beast spirits and 3 Specter mages. They found a hostile specter (spirit, not a ganger) in the basement. It was the restless spirit of a dead IoND mage and gave the party some grief with its invisibility and improved reflexes spells. After defeating the ghost, the team delivered the unpowered node but did not try to hack it, so no bonus nuyen for watching the Initiate’s home movies.

Session 2. Boundless Mercy: Search
The team made good use of their contacts to track to down the IoND hotel/safehouse. Astral scouting revealed the fireball alchemical preparations and the raging cyber-troll. It was a ghoul with cybereyes and all of the research subjects were Infected since it fit better with the story’s theme. The troll was a beast! Nearly every PC attacked it for 2 passes before it went down. The team found a dead IoND mage with a commlink which included the address of the 2nd safe house.

Once there, 3 runners used stealth to get close enough to listen but one was spotted. After getting chased off by a water spirit, the ork sam unknowingly was tailed astrally by the spirit for the rest of the adventure. He, of course, led the spirit back to the rest of the team. The IoND mages and spirits used invisibility to ambush the spread out group. There was a massive battle that ended with the team’s troll botching a test with a grenade leading to 2 exploded cars, several dead mages, and the team’s GMC bulldog nearly crushed from a car falling on top it. The team did manage to take the mage boss alive and learn that Girardi had fled to Montreal. They ran out to time, so were unable to share their findings with Elizabeth.

Session 3. Boundless Mercy: Recover
The PCs ghosted this one! I’ve only had 2 sessions where no shots were fired. This is one of them. Of 6 players, we had 4 face archetypes.

In the West Island dive bar, one face, disguised as a Seattle ganger paying homage to the Hellsouls, bribed his way in to see Hellbent. (Side note: 4 players noted above had the Disguise skill so the primary character for the teamwork test got 7 hits!) After Hellbent gave them the job, the team went to check out the shipping warehouse. They did not have magical support, so they decided to talk their way in. One PC used Remo (as a contact), to locate the shipment. Another hired Quantum Princess to route a phone call through a corporate office and informed the freight company manager that a technician would be coming by to modify some chips. Despite multiple Con tests, a single PC walked right in and nearly completed the job without any excitement.

Unbeknownst to the PCs, Hellbent’s device notified him when it was used, so he called in an anonymous tip that the warehouse was being infiltrated. Guards started running around, spirits were patrolling enthusiastically. A trio of guards and a mage went to reassess the “technician” who lied so convincingly that not even astral perception thwarted him. He was escorted off the property without any signs of foul play. The team returned to Hellbent who goaded them to accuse him but they kept their cool. He harrumpted and gave them the location of the IoND Montreal compound (and the bonus nuyen for all 6 cases).

Session 4. Boundless Mercy: Destroy
(I had the most unusual PC I have seen. A human cyborg with 2 cyberarms and a cyber-centaurine trunk and legs, complete with in line skates. His player said that his movement was on par with a Speed 4 vehicle! He also had over 40 dice for his damage resistance tests.)

The team got the job from Elizabeth and Laurent. It always struck me as weird that Elizabeth would give the team a side job despite her crazy desire to get at Girardi. Instead, I said that Kay St. Jaques was an in-hiding former IoND mage now running a children’s clinic to assuage her soul. By helping Kay, with her child-snatching mystery, she would detail the IoND compound’s defenses.

Two PCs were so moved by the children’s plight that they donated 1500 nuyen each (I should have given them each a bonus Karma but I ran out of time at the end. If either of you read this, contact me any I’ll amend your debriefing log.)

As the team solved the clinic’s mystery, the ghouls attacked. It was a great battle with suppressive fire, concealed ghouls, flamethrower spells and so on. The cyber-centaur had 4 ghouls making teamwork attacks against him, but none managed to hurt him. The ghouls did however provide enough distraction for the ghoul mage to wallop the horse-man-thing with 5 boxes of stun damage from a manabolt!

The ghouls were defeated and Kay told all. (The ghoul mage with his spirit’s movement power actually outran the cyber-centaur, Speed 72 vs. 80!) Then the team went to the IoND compound. What followed was an elaborate assault on the compound complete with illusory attack choppers, levitating cyber-horses, and sniper-on-sniper action. The PCs were battling at a standstill when the B&E expert slipped into the office and saw Girardi with his vampiric benefactor. The B&E guy soiled himself a little. When the vamp disappeared, Giardi dropped from narcojet toxin and was whisked away.

Sadly we ran short on time, so I had to narrate the great escape and Our Lady’s big reveal at the end. Nonetheless, an amazing climatic battle and everyone seemed to have a great time!


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