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CMP 2014-02 Boundless Mercy: Search

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the unpublished CMP 2014-02 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Having completed the investigation of the abandoned Illuninates of the New Dawn site on the southside of Chicago, the runners were not surprised when Nazaire called with additional business. Delta, an elven technomancer, and Botami, an elven rat shaman, who completed the last mission, were joined by two new runners: Caleb, an ogre street sam, and Jackfrost, a human decker.

The group arrived after dark at an abandoned church crypt and met a remarkably pleasant woman named Elizabeth Nunn and the Québécois dwarf Nazaire. After providing drinks, Ms. Nunn explained that the new job was to find the whereabouts of a local mage. Following negotiations, the team agreed to 5,000 nuyen plus 1,000 nuyen bonus if completed within 24 hours.

Ms. Nunn then explained the target was Magus Tyrone Girardi, head of the southside branch of IoND. He apparently escaped the initial attack on the chapterhouse and had gone into hiding. He was last seen in the southern part of the Containment Zone. She wanted Girardi alive for questioning.

Botami had been extensively researching IoND since his first run in with their site and shared all he knew of their organization, local leadership, and rumors including the location of 4 known safe houses in the area. Jackfrost started sifting throught data on NooseNet and determined that one safehouse was defunct.

The team decided to head into the zone and do some physical legwork near the remaining known safehouses. En route, a group of go-gangers assaulted Caleb’s step van. With some rigger-like driving, Caleb dodged debris and avoided getting flanked by the more nimble bikes. Meanwhile, Delta’s sprite and Jackfrost bricked bike after bike. Botami levitated a massive portion of tangled rebar and concrete over the van and dropped it just as it passed, ending further pursuit.

Unfortunately, that was the end of Botami’s good ideas for the night. Once near the safe house, actually a row of run down brownstone townhouses, he did some astral scouting and detected a large ward, the kind that would take several mages to create. He slipped through the magical barrier only to face an aspected background count and an angry hellhound. Botami tried to flee but was unable to slide back through the ward. The coal black dog howled and Botami was overcome with fear.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team heard the supernatural howl and moved quickly. Jackfrost placed a medkit on Batomi and then joined Delta who was hacking into the place’s hidden host. At the same time, Caleb positioned the van next to a doorway. He jumped out and started battering down the door.

Back inside, Botami raced deeper into the building whizzing past a pair of mages and their water elemental. The elemental spotted Botami and reported him as the rat shaman zipped to the next room’s outer wall and pounded on the ward. He damaged it a bit.

Then the water elemental slammed him into astral pulp (3 boxes past his overflow!). With both matrix wizards in VR and Caleb out of the van, no one noticed the medkit’s flat line tracing.

Caleb charged into the townhouse and cornered two IoND mages. One manabolted the ogre to minimal effect while the second vanished. Caleb devastated the caster with his Ares Alpha. He them moved back into the next room and encountered the hellhound. Before the beast he open its mouth, Caleb sent it to whatever hell such hounds go to after leaving this plane.

The invisible mage (and animal handler) bellowed in rage and lost his drek. He dropped his spell and overcast a massive fireball at Caleb. Despite being fully in the blast, the ogre’s fire resistant coat and thick hide allowed only superficial burns.

The drain nearly knocked the mage out, so Caleb finished him off with a haymaker to the chin. He drug the mage to the van for later questioning and then saw Batomi’s status.

The team regrouped and went back inside to investigate the basement. Caleb easily shrugged off an alchemical firebomb trap at the base of the stairs. The chamber beyond was huge, including the basements of all the townhouses in the block. Several ritual circles with ominous stains covered the floor. Then, they heard a moan from a closet.

Within, the runners found an emaciated and ravenous ghoul chained to the ground. It lashed out at Caleb, but he stayed frosty long enough to learn that it had been tormented by and experimented upon by the IoND mages. Other ghouls had been sacrificed. Caleb fed the ghoul, named Mercy, who calmed and proved to be surprisingly lucid. Mercy explained that Giardi had been there but left several hours ago toward a private jet to Quebec. Caleb freed the grateful ghoul.

Once back in the van, Jackfrost noticed a faint heartbeat reading on Batomi’s medkit. Miraculously, the machine was able to stabilize the shaman (permanently burnt karma).

The team contacted Nazaire and returned to the cozy crypt. Ms. Nunn was disappointed that Girardi escaped but thanked the team for determining where he went. She asked what else they found and they shared details of the magical experiments on the Infected. She was aghast and told the runners to expect more work soon. She pays them 6,000 nuyen as agreed.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 6,000 nuyen
Karma: 6 (survival, finding safe house, learning Giardi’s location, freeing ghoul, telling Ms. Nunn about experiments)
Reputation: +1 Street Cred (telling Ms. Nunn about experiments)
Contacts: Ms. Nunn (Loyalty 2 or +2 if already a contact, max 4), Nazaire (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4), Caleb only: Mercy (Loyalty 2)


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