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CMP 2014-02 Boundless Mercy: Search 2

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the unpublished CMP 2014-02 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Having completed the investigation of the abandoned Illuninates of the New Dawn site on the Southside of Chicago, the runners were not surprised when Nazaire called with additional business. Ito, an oni adept and self-described “Legendary Ninja Warrior”, was joined by Slim, elven social adept and sniper, and Shift, a dwarven rigger/decker.

The group arrived after dark at the abandoned church crypt and met the remarkably pleasant Elizabeth Nunn and the Québécois dwarf Nazaire. After providing drinks, Ms. Nunn explained that the new job was to find the whereabouts of an IoND mage. Following expertly-applied negotiations by Slim, the team agreed to 8,500 nuyen each.

Ms. Nunn then explained the target was Magus Tyrone Girardi, head of the Southside branch of IoND. He apparently escaped the initial attack on the chapterhouse and had gone into hiding. He was last seen in the southern part of the Containment Zone. She wanted Girardi alive for questioning.

Ito left a message for his mage contact, Lothan the Wise, but the troll did not return the call in time. Shift sifted through data on NooseNet and found a poster claiming knowledge of IoND’s Chicago activity. After a private message request, he heard back from a metahuman named Uther who offered locations of known IoND safe houses in the Zone for 700 nuyen. Shift accepted. Meanwhile, Slim contacted Pentos (name pending player approval), his talismonger contact and learned, after 300 nuyen and asking around, that one safe house was recently absorbed by the Human Brigade.

The team decided to head into the zone and do some physical legwork near the remaining known safehouses. En route, a group of go-gangers started tailing Shift’s van. Ito and Slim jumped out and hid until the bikes passed. They scaled a dilapidated building while Shift circled around. Ito dropped one biker with an arrow that blasted through the target’s back before sinking several inches into the broken asphalt. Simultaneously, Slim held his breath, corrected for wind and fired a single shot from his Desert Strike. The second biker fell in eerie synchronization with his partner.

Slim bricked another ganger’s SMG and he and his chummer wisely turned away.

The team moved to the closest safe house and started casing the place. In the matrix, Shift found 3 hidden commlinks. He hacked their slaved devices and got views of someone reading arcane writings on a datapad and 2 others apparently sleeping. Then, he sent in a Fly-Spy drone in and found 2 cybered guards watching the front door. Well, one was watching. One was sleeping (critical glitch on Perception). Several minutes later a mage tromped upstairs and yelled at the guard for sleeping and headed back downstairs.

Ito snuck into an upstairs window and moved catlike to the main floor. He left a neurostun grenade and retreated. Outside, he wirelessly triggered the grenade. Then, he climbed back in and found both guards slumped unconscious. He let the rest of team in the front door.

The oni moved down the basement stairs and tried to slip through the door – only to trigger a quickened firebomb. With his fire-resistant armor, he was merely singed. He launched an electrical arrow into the flabbergasted mage dropping him.

As Slim and Shift’s rotodrone moved downstairs, a water elemental manifested nearby. It sloshed at Slim but missed. Ito dispatched it was two deft katana strikes.

The nearby bedroom doors opened. A pair of invisible mages joined the battle but proved less-than-invisible to Ito and the drone’s ultrasound sensors. The team quickly subdued both casters.

Looking around, the runners noted the central chamber was huge, including the basements of all the townhouses in the block. Several ritual circles with ominous stains covered the floor. Notes from the datapad described ritual magic performed on ghouls and other humanoids but the details were beyond the team’s understanding.

Slim interrogated the more potent mage, who explained that Giardi had been there but left several hours ago toward a private jet to Quebec. The team stripped the mages of their valuables and left them near Ghoultown.

Lastly, the runners contacted Nazaire and returned to the cozy crypt. Ms. Nunn was disappointed that Girardi escaped town but thanked the team for determining where he went. She asked what else they found and they shared details of the magical experiments on the Infected. She was aghast and told the runners to expect more work soon. She pays them as agreed.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 8,167 nuyen each (8,500 – 1,000 for legwork divided evenly)
Karma: 6 (survival, finding safe house, learning Giardi’s location, not (directly) killing mages, telling Ms. Nunn about experiments)
Reputation: +1 Street Cred (telling Ms. Nunn about experiments)
Contacts: Ms. Nunn (Loyalty 2 or +2 if already a contact, max 4), Nazaire (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4)
Loot: 2 used Harley Scorpion motorcycles (one with 3 boxes of damage, one with 6), one used Browning Ultra-Power heavy pistol, 2 Ares Alpha assault rifles, 6 flash bang grenades, 2 stun batons, 2 suits of SWAT armor with helmets (Armor 15, fire resistance 4, non-conductivity 6), 90 drams of hermetic reagents, chameleon suit, electronics kit, glasscutter, lockpick set, cellular glove molder (Rating 3), keycard copier (Rating 5), sustaining focus (health, Force 5), sustaining focus (illusion, Force 5), heavy crossbow with 8 bolts.


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