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CMP 2014-03 Boundless Mercy: Recover

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the unpublished CMP 2014-03 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

The team was relaxing after completing Nazaire’s job to track down Magus Girardi of the Illuminates of the New Dawn. As expected, the fixer called the team for the next leg of the Johnson’s (the attractive albeit eccentric Ms. Nunn’s) mission. The team included, Delta, an elven technomancer, Botami, an elven rat shaman, and Kaleb, an ogre street sam,

The runners returned the abandoned Westside church and met in the secret basement lair. Nazaire and Ms. Nunn explained the job: travel to Montreal via a local coyote and find Giardi. Nazaire suggested they start by trying to contact a West Island (Montreal slum) gang leader of the pan-city Hellsouls. He would certainly know if the IoND had a base in the region. Botami was unable to negotiate for higher pay and the team settled on 8,000 nuyen each. The team was given coordinates at which to meet their coyote: Wild Willy.

Out of the sprawl, they found Willy lived up to his moniker. He was ork mountain man with a wild beard, patched clothes and mismatched boots. His ride, however, inspired much more confidence. It was customized Ares Venture thunderbird covered with thermal dampening camouflage netting.

After a 2-hour flight, the team touched down on a semi-abandoned airstrip outside of Montreal. They were directed to a rusted out Eurovan with the safe house coordinates preprogrammed.

The team entered the West Island district, a depressed urban slum. The van led them to an alley behind Mathias’ Bar. They found the safe house upstairs adequate at best and decided to head down to the bar to start their search.

The team quickly realized several patrons were Hellsouls. Kaleb strode up to their table and asked for a meeting with their gang leader. They sneered and mocked him. The ogre asked again and an ork ganger stood up and told him to “piss off!”

Then the bar brawl started. Kaleb battled 3 gangers including the ork and a head-butting dwarf. Botami fought 2 humans and slung manabolts like they were effortless. Once a third of the gangers were beaten, the rest grudgingly yielded and offered to take them to their boss, Hellbent.

Hellbent turned out to be a large troll with ram horns and stylized red flame tattoos on all visible skin. His voice rumbled when she spoke. “I know where the mage hides. Do a job for me and I will tell you.” He then explained that he wanted some chips held in a local warehouse tampered with. He provided some clues to help the team locate them, but these proved too obscure.

The team moved near the St. Lawrence River Shipping Company’s warehouse complex and scouted it out. Botami scanned the astral and found a roving air elemental. Delta eyed the small corporate host and ensured that the company was not a front for something more threatening. Kaleb provided physical recon and found a cyclone fence and 3 patrolling guards making hourly rounds. The site otherwise contained 6 large warehouses, a couple of huge cranes, and countless shipping containers.

The runners went in while Delta manned the van and provided Matrix overwatch. He tried to hack the host twice and found it beyond his skills. He instead hacked the guard’s commlink and turned it into a jammer to prevent a call for reinforcements. Botami and Kaleb went over the wall and quickly gunned the guards down.

It was then that the team realized they had no way of knowing where to start searching for the chips.

Kaleb busted into the nearest warehouse and began searching physically. Batomi’s earth elemental engaged the air elemental who came to investigate the gunfire. Both fled back to the security office and Botami followed. The astral battle with the onsite security mage was brief before Botami retreated.

Just as Kaleb found a promising-looking case of chips, he heard the sound of many approaching footfalls and sirens. He decided to run for it.

The team met up outside the complex and realized there would be no way to get back to the chips without security knowing what was tampered with. They decided to return to Hellbent and report their failure. He just laughed. Clearly, the troll cared little if they actually succeeded. He even offered to still provide the information the runners sought, but at a price of ten large. Kaleb noted that removing the mage would help the Hellsouls, allowing Botami to talk the gang leader down to 9,000 nuyen.

The team contacted Nazaire to report their “success”. They met him and Elizabeth Nunn at a nice Montreal restaurant and handed over the data. Ms. Nunn was unusually intense and eager to begin the next stage of her plans.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 5,000 nuyen each
Karma: 5 (survival, obtaining compound’s location, avoiding combat with Hellsouls)
Reputation: +1 Public Awareness (fighting the warehouse guards)
Contacts: Ms. Nunn (Loyalty +1 if already a contact, max 4), Nazaire (Loyalty +1 if already a contact, max 4)


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