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CMP 2014-04 Boundless Mercy: Destroy

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the unpublished CMP 2014-04 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

The Chicago team was still in West Island, Montreal and had only a few days to recover from the Hellsouls job. They reported their mission objective, the whereabouts of one Magus Giardi, to their fixer and awaited the next phase. The team included, Delta, an elven technomancer, Botami, an elven rat shaman, and Caleb, an ogre street sam.

Meanwhile, the fixer, Laurent Nazaire, contacted three new members to bolster the team for the mission finale. He contacted Dogfood, a human techno, Zyanya, a human adept, and Flapjacks, a human street samurai. They agreed to take the job for 8,000 nuyen and were transported to Montreal to meet the rest of the team.

After introductions, the Ms. Johnson contacted the team directly. She offered a side job for a friend who ran a pediatric clinic for terminally ill kids. Apparently, patients had gone missing in the night over the last couple of weeks. She offered 4,000 nuyen and gave the team her contact’s name, Kay St. Jacques.

The runners arrived at a worn red brick building with a lone door guard. They dropped Kay’s name and were directed to her office. She showed the team around the brightly decorated rooms and explained what little was known about the kidnappers: no forced entry, no witnesses, and no apparent patterns.

The team split up to interview staff, review matrix records, and establish better security. Dogfood developed a detailed profile on both guards, Sean and Duane, and assessed them to be clean. Zyanya made friends with a weak, young patient and in her room found a trampled teddy bear with a human-sized boot print. With his assault rifle in hand, Flapjacks watched the main 2nd floor hallway. Caleb and Delta installed cameras, tripwires, and a sensor on the main doors. Lastly, Botami conjured an elemental to patrol the place and was performing astral sweeps himself when trouble arrived.

Delta was pinged when the front door opened. He monitored the camera and saw the guard opening the door for no apparent reason. He alerted everyone immediately. Moments later, Flapjacks saw a shadow of movement in the hallway before him. And then he was dodging melee attacks.

Botami’s spirit let him know that “those not hidden by my eyes” were in the building. The rat shaman ordered the spirit to lead him and to contain the foes.

Dogfood and his sprite hacked the clinic’s host to engage the sprinkler system, hoping to visualize the targets.

At one end of the hall, Flapjacks battled two invisible foes with his monofilament whip. He suffered a pair of vicious gouges but delivered deadly retribution.

At the other end, Caleb was faring less well in melee with 2 unseen foes. Fortunately, the spirit arrived and grappled one allowing the ogre to gun down the other.

Meanwhile, Zyanya emerged from a side room and targeted the hidden mage. She suffered a pair of stunbolts before finishing him. His bound spirit vanished as well, causing all the hidden targets to be revealed. They were ghouls – and a particularly feral band at that.

After things settled down, Botami determined that the guard was magically compelled to open the door. The team got paid and enjoyed both Kay and Elizabeth’s gratitude.

The next day, Nazaire called with details of the real job: scope out the IoND compound and capture Giardi alive.

The technos found online satellite images of the compound, an old grocery distribution warehouse complex surrounded by cargo containers and old trailers. Via astral recon, Botami found astrally perceiving mages and mundane snipers on the roof as well as a pair of patrolling spirits. Dogfood hacked some neighboring cameras and scanned the gate guards’ routine. Delta scanned the slaved devices on the host and found a well-equipped security rigger and Giardi in a central office building.

Under the concealment of their own spirit, the team decided to have Botami levitate himself, Caleb, Flapjacks, and Zyanya (via a magic carpet) over the wall and get the drop on the sniper/mage pair above the offices. As planned, both dropped without returning fire. The runners dashed to a rooftop doorway that Dogfood unlocked just before a watcher spirit passed overhead.

In the host, Delta tried to mark the spider’s commlink…and failed. Over tense seconds, he tried to erase the mark and hide. Dogfood delayed the arrival of any ice and set his trio of sprites on the spider.

Meanwhile, the others moved quickly toward their target. Flapjacks was in the lead and peered into an office. Giardi was speaking to a tall, dark clad man who eerily turned and stared at Flapjacks. The sam shoved the door open and fired a knockout dart. The figure moved like a blur and then dissolved into mist.

Caleb rounded the corner and punched Giardi with shock gloves, easily dropping him. The team scooped him up and left the same way they entered. By the time security was mobilized, the team was well clear of the compound.

Once the team met with Elizabeth to drop off the Giardi, she magically probed his mind. Her face quickly changed from satisfaction to anger to horror. Then her form flickered and the attractive woman became bald and gaunt with dark claws and razor teeth. She became a nosferatu. A she buried her face in Giardi’s neck and drained him until dead.

The team stood by quietly shrugging.

Elizabeth stood up and reverted to her more pleasing form before she said, “It may not be obvious, but that was justice and more mercy than he deserved.”

Nonplussed, the runners took their pay and went to meet the coyotes who would get them back home.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 12,000 nuyen each
Karma: 7 (survival, capturing Giardi, saving the clinic)
Reputation: +2 Street Cred (capturing Giardi, saving the clinic)
Contacts: Ms. Nunn (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4), Nazaire (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4)


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