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Dragons Song CMP 2013-02

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published Missions adventure, Berlin Waltz CMP 2013-02, that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Again big props to Marshall for the write up on this one. We had another awesome turn out!

The Players

Claudius, an ogre street sam
Felix, an elven Cat shaman
Delta, an elven technomancer
Quaid, a human sniper adept
Sechs, a human mage
Gibson, a human decker
Z, a human face adept

Debriefing Log


As told by Claudius, ogre street sam:
We arrive shivering and unsettled from the ride in Betty’s iron belly. Perianwyr asks us to stay a moment, which most of us do, however a few move along muttering apologies about unavoidable plans or stoves left on. The remaining were approached by 9 Tales again with a new job.

In an hour, we leave with Kane’s VTOL, and are to take Perry to his club to help him rest and recuperate. Also, side note, it’s in Germany. 9 Tales says that’s not an issue, though it ruffles some of our collective hackles. We are getting 15k for the deal, seeing as this is dragon-guarding duty, and the guy obviously had at least one serious crosshair on him. Since we are going to Berlin and things are pretty open there seeing as its newly incorporated place, we bring out all the big toys. Obviously, everyone else is going to have big toys too.

Kane takes us to Germany, he’s flying low so there’s no problems, but it takes forever, he’s telling us story’s about his rag tag days, running with some folk who have become very elite names. On the way we first went to Seattle to pick up a breeder named “Z” she brings a guitar with her and we jump back into the air.

We land in Berlin’s outskirts, the town of Strasburg, according to the private airport sign. The air smells good here. Delta, Gibson, Sechs and Felix all perk up as we arrive, chatting about how clean everything is. An impressive limo arrives and we are ushered in. It’s a Mitsubishi Nightsky according to its emblem badge, and the embossed logo’s inside the cabin. Perry says we are going to Johann’s Place, expected arrival time is 1600. Then onto a secret location from there. After that Perry gets into the vehicle and goes about resting. The limo is obviously nice. The fancy chairs, booze are taken advantage of, and we settle in for the long drive. The driver hands us new ID’s that are pretty through, I’m a blonde in mine, what can you do?

Delta and Gibson look up Johan’s and discover its owned by the dragon after digging past something like 15 private companies. It’s a good place, not controlled by any corp or country, so independents go there to be discovered. Its a pretty busy place and obviously successful. Sechs does some frantic waving, but I don’t see what comes of it. Gibson digs inside the Matrix and discovers Johan’s Place’s public Host, and thinks there’s a private host also.

We arrive after some annoying traffic, and it’s now 1800. Doors open at 2200 so we get to work. The outside is AR feeds broadcasting dancers and music into our comms. It’s a dance beat probably to psych up the audience. The building itself is large, but still shorter than one or two of its neighbors, all condos of course. A train crosses over the building, and obviously there are tracks also, it must be some kind of din out here during a performance. We pull up to the VIP parking and proceed to get out.

As we disembark, there’s tire squeal and we move into action. Felix and Sechs wave franticly. Quad gets out and runs to some Sessil oaks to get a clear shot. I move to the back of the car to get a look at the threat – it’s an open bed pick up truck with a few guys strapped into it, they are approaching fast and screeching their tires. Z pulls Perry to the ground and gets eyes on the truck herself. Delta drops to the floor of the limo and Gibson starts working on his deck.
Quad makes the first move, putting 2 shots into the engine, I follow, unloading into engine too, it has to be stopped and we did! The truck rolls over and throws one of them, the others get out or crawl from the wreckage.

An earth spirit appears all concrete and steel. I don’t get a good look at it because suddenly a burst of lightning streaks at the limo. Everyone dives clear save Sechs who was working on a spell or he just enjoyed watching the lighting from an incoming trajectory, lightning’s his thing, and he’s a little weird about it…

Z keeps Perry covered and Gibson shouts over comms that he’s clearing the cameras. Sechs summoned a fire elemental suddenly while three of the mooks take shelter under an overpass. From their poor cover, they start shooting at the mages. However they show their ineptitude by shooting while running, both mages dive and are unscathed. Some orc mom’s kids…I tell ya…
Delta sends a sprite into my gun, and she’s immediately more chipper. It’s like espresso for the carbine. Quad puts a few into the mage who tries to duck, but can’t quite fall fast enough. Takes one to the head and drops. I have to show these orcs how to do their job, but the lesson’s harsh. I kill one, and the other takes shots and falls to the ground shouting and I assume bleeding.
Felix pumps mana into one of them and he seems to visibly swell from it, poor frag. Z keeps cover over Perry. Delta says over comms that there’s nothing on the matrix to find. Gibson destroys the cameras – they both pop and fall to pieces on the road.

The last guy runs, and Felix sends off his earth elemental told drag him back alive. In time, it does, thankfully the guy is passed out. We grab their comms and I score 100 rounds or ammo, profit!

We go inside and its wildly decorated. On stage and the dragon makes a weird noise, then the stage opens and a ladder is revealed. We go down and find the downstairs gets very old. Gibson says its pre-goblinization, all the way back to a quaint world war. Breeders killing breeders. We find an iron door 100 feet down, “It’s a whole bunker.” says Gibson.

The cool bunker has bedrooms, a large antechamber, and a bigger room filled with musical tech. Z’s eyes go wide as she quickly moves about the room looking at all the music things. Records adorn the walls, musical equipment and cases too. Z says “I gotta protect this place!” and Perry chuckles and explains something musical history to her, which she appreciates, but I do not.
Perry then goes into his room and prepares to rest. Gibson and Delta ask for permission to be on his private server so that they can make sure nobody untoward gets inside. He says to please respect his privacy but they may enter; now it’s their turn for wide eyed excitement. As they enter the dragon’s server and as they describe it, its crazy, up downs, in outs, all musical stuff. sounds complicated so I tune them out. Let them have their fun; I won’t try to understand what I never will.

Now is time to get to work. Gibson and Delta put a fake itinerary on the public host with alarms so they know if its accessed, and also put up vid of all the camera’s so we know what’s going on while we are downstairs. I and Quad position upstairs at the VIP room and we guard what is later set up as just our rifles, but the cameras show Perry in there doing weird dragony/bar ownery stuff. Z positions herself among the staff and walks among them. She is troublesome to keep an eye on as she flits around doing server tasks and ingratiating herself with the staff. Sechs has to rest, and Felix monitors the feeds. As the bar opens and customers arrive, the room heats up from the body heat, the air quality falters as the customers dance and fill the room with the smells of sweat, booze, desire, anxiety and frustrations. Quad and I take turns walking the room or blocking “Perry’s” VIP room. Nothing dramatic happens though and the night passes.

We clear people out of the bar and as Z is counting her amazing tips, there’s an explosion. Felix says it’s from above him, and we know it’s below us. We rush the stage and start going down the ladder, which is of course very slow, nobody wants to fall the 100 feet. Gibson scans the area on his machine and doesn’t see anything obvious but sees a lot of hidden icons. A strong commlink and some what he calls “slaved icons.” Felix shouts over comms that the bomb was in the middle of the ladder, and they are coming in. He and Sechs are standing in the entry tunnel when smoke billows into the sanctuary entrance. Suddenly a whirlwind of debris and smoke comes at them as an air spirit manifests.

Sechs wiggles his fingers and the spirit hesitates a little bit, like it’s longing to be elsewhere, but just a little bit. Delta drops to the ground and goes into hot sim. Gibson simultaneously floods two comms. One signal drops from the matrix, the other falls, and with it falls several other matrix signals. Quad and I continue to slowly progress down the ladder. Bullets flew upward and Quaid, Z and I dodge them deftly. Gibson reveals himself to the other decker and they do a spaghetti western standoff. The air spirit tornado punches Sechs and Sechs blasts a lightning ball down the tunnel. It’s diminished by a counter spell, so it doesn’t have much effect. Gibson fiddles with his deck and attacks the enemy decker, thrashes him and he falls to the floor, headless. Quad gets to the bottom of the available ladder and drops onto the corpse of the decker. I killed the guy guarding the exit. Z summersaults down and lands by Quad. The remaining few were pincered and we cleared the way for Perry’s nap. The lizard never woke up.

Several hours later, Perianwyr emerged and thanked us and noted that the ritual was complete. The team returned to the airfield and returned to Chicago to get paid.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 15,000 nuyen (12,000 nuyen for Z who negotiated separately)
Karma: 7
Reputation: +1 Street Cred (defeating MET2000 mercs)
Contacts: Perianwyr (Loyalty +1 (max 4)/Connection 5)


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