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SRM 05-01 Chasin' the Wind: Part 4

April 24, 2015 - Home Group

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published SRM 05-01 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Having just completed placing the second signal repeater for QP, the runners decided to make contact with Simon Andrews to get paid for the Janice Industries run. They contacted Simon and requested a meet at The Landing Strip after hours bar on the north side. He immediately agreed, suggesting that the information that they had was hot.

En route they got another call from Quantum Princess. She said another job had just come in and put them in contact with an Aztlaner troll named Juan Xihuitl (pronounced She-Wheat). He offered a job to find a missing girl in the Containment Zone on behalf of a Lone Star officer named Detective Ryder. Xihuitl said the target was a young, homeless, SINless woman who recently appeared in the MakerCollective region. She goes by the street name Samantha. The team agreed to take the job for 4,000 nuyen.

Once in the airport-themed bar, Quinn paid off a clubgoer for his booth (600 nuyen). Simon arrived and continued to make lewd advances toward Loki. He mostly focused on the data however and she ignored him as best she could. The runners offered the optical chip with the Janice Industries ownership data and he paid the agreed-upon amount, 3000 nuyen each. He gave them a 800 nuyen bonus each for detailed schematics of the facility.

Quinn then implied additional paydata was available from the run. He said it involved “those who can deck without cyberdecks.” After Simon said he would pay, Quinn explained the details of the clone gestalt program and the missing clone. Simon licked his lizard lips, and paid an additional 7,500 nuyen. He offered to pay for any related information that they might pick up in the future.

After the meet was over, Quinn contacted his Lone Star cop buddy Alistair Crowley. Despite waking him, he offered two leads. He said an all-female gang called the Mantises in the southwest corner of the Maker Collective were known to aggressively recruit loan street women. They would likely know if there was a new young lady in their territory. Alternatively, Officer Crowley suggested heading to a bar named Atlantis at the Terrace, a ramshackle tiered mall and black market. He said to ask for a bartender and information broker named Jedi.

The runners decided to follow up on option two. They found Jedi, a middle-aged man with a long ponytail, who for the price of a few drinks directed them toward a street kid named Mohawk.

Mohawk, a bright eyed youth with a 2 foot tall pink mohawk, said he knew of the missing girl. He said that she was staying at a street drug lab run be a local gang. In exchange for lifting as much cram as the runners can carry, he offered to give details of the location.

Quinn reluctantly agreed, and Mohawk explained that Samantha had been seen coming in and out of a lab and drug den run by The Wildcats. The Wildcats claim the northeast corner of the Maker Collective and sport purple and white colors. The current boss is named Willy and his lieutenant is Shapiro.

Mohawk also described Samantha as a 20-year-old lean Caucasian woman with short brown hair wearing baggy disposable clothing and an oversized armor jacket.

He then led the runners to the lab, which was attached to a squatter-filled strip mall. For a 200 nuyen deposit, Mohawk offered to show them a secret entrance. Through a broken wall, they found a ventilation shaft that led into a storage room within the lab.

Meanwhile Jackfrost hacked into the lab’s host and looped several cameras. He had an eery sensation of being watched and logged out and rebooted his deck.

Quinn astrally projected through the storage room walls and spotted a fire elemental guard. He evaded detection only by the concealment of his own beast spirit. Also within, he saw six gangers with purple colors working despite the early hour.

Quinn levitated the party to a second-story window. Once inside, Loki jumped into her insect drone and scouted the upper floor. She found a dozen people, either asleep or stoned but no one particularly alert.

Remo.pngThe runners prepared to infiltrate the lab from upstairs. Jackfrost jumped back into the matrix and prepared to enter the host. While spoofing the necessary authentication, a cartoon crow appeared and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Apparently unsatisfied with his answer, the crow told him to go away. Jackfrost was unnerved by the extraordinary resolution and the unusual code of the persona. He said, "We are here looking for a girl. We want to make sure she is safe. "

The crow replied, “No one else keeps her safe. Only Remo keeps her safe.” The crow looked agitated and then vanished into the host.


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