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Take a Chance SRM 05-06,

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published Missions adventure, Take a Chance SRM 05-06, that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

The Players

Claudius, an ogre street sam
Felix, an elven Cat shaman
Shi, an elven technomancer rigger
Delta, an elven technomancer

Scene 1: The Purple Pig

Scan This: Sid relays job from Silverleaf who interviews teams at the Purple Pig

  • Commcall from Sid leads to meet with Sarah Silverleaf for a rush job at the Purple Pig, meet in 4 hours. He reserved the PCs a table.
  • Several other runner teams are waiting an interview in the restaurant dining room.
  • While waiting to meet with Silverleaf, Simon Andrews offers to pay 3,000 nuyen for copy of any data recovered. Delta agrees to terms.

Scene 2: Meeting Silverleaf

Scan This: Silverleaf interviews PCs.

  • Silverleaf is flanked by a pair of suited female trolls with sunglasses
  • After introductions and small talk, she says to Delta, “Although some of you complete Rose Valley pharmaceutical job, I prefer to let bygones be bygones. I’m glad to give you a chance to redeem yourselves.”
  • She asks some Shi to describe the most difficult challenge of their career, Claudius about the most treacherous environment the teams has operated within, and Felix about a perfect date night!
  • She explains pay: 6,000 nuyen plus bonuses for paydata. “Exclusive access is implicit.” Transportation will be arranged or 3,000 nuyen bonus provided if unnecessary.
  • After getting the job, the team learns the details: travel by minisub to an abandoned aquaology and recover any valuable research data, samples or prototypes within 24 hours.

Scene 3: Cut Scene: Goober by the Seashore

Scan This: Brief description of crew compartment of the Delphin minisub piloted by Goober, dwarven armorer and rigger. Team is outfitted with diving gear, gyrojet pistols, and spearguns (may be purchased or returned at the mission’s end). Claudius also notices a silhouette of a swimming humanoid in the murky water.

Scene 4: Shipping and Recieving

Scan This: The minisub approaches the facility

  • Team notes 80 m depth, sense of things moving in the murky water, and 3 structures (one small command structure atop 10 m pillars tethered to a large structure just off the lake floor, and a 3rd collapsed module appears more like an artificial reef). Command structure includes a moon pool. Claudius notes the place is covered with mussels and strange softball-sized plants that look like cacti.
  • Felix’s astral scouting uncovers Force 3 astral barrier on command structure, Force 6 on lower module and an non-hostile patrolling Force 4 water spirit.

Scene 5: We’re Not Alone

Scan This: After docking at the command module, the PCs find it inhabited.

  • PCs enter dank, foul air in dark facility with lapping of moon pool waves and occasional ominous groans. Signage is in Japanese. Many doors must be forced open with rooms abandoned and clearly scavenged. A few small potted plants line the hallway.
  • Shi notes a non-functioning blue-water generator in the electrical storage room. The teams also finds the elevator shaft to the other intact module is flooded.
  • Using a large earth spirit, Felix corners and grapples a young human. Astrally, she looks like an unfamiliar metatype using an awakened power. Eventually the team negotiates with her and offers her a couple burner commlinks. Then Shi remembers the blue water generator and fixes it. Thrilled, she introduces herself as Otoko. She offers to take the team to the tribe leader, Ryujin.

Scene 6: Tribal Talks?

Scan This: PCs arrive at manufacturing module and encounter merrow tribe within.

  • PCs enter nauseating rotted-fish smell and dark large chamber with central greenhouse and surrounding greenish glowing algae that fluoresces near magic.
  • Meet with tribe leader Ryujin and offer to flood the facility and report on its destruction to protect the merrow from future investigation. Ryujin agrees and takes them the Dr. Urashima.
  • The Dr. agrees to come to the surface but does not want to see the merrow harmed. The team brings him to the docks where he leaves to find his own fate.
  • The PCs contact Silverleaf and Simon Andrews for their payday!

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 12,000 nuyen
Karma: 7 (Returning memory core, bringing Dr. U to surface, recovering plant samples, survival 2, mission difficulty 2)
Reputation: +1 Street Cred for saving Dr. U
Contacts: Sarah Silverleaf (Loyalty +1/Connection 5), Simon Andrews (Loyalty +1/Connection 5), Goober (Loyalty +1/Connection 4)


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