ADA Dana Oaks

Assistant District Attorney


Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks had a good home life, loving parents, went to good schools, and graduated from Yale Law School. Her life seems to be an open book, and there are no skeletons in her closet. She is one of the youngest District Attorneys in Seattle’s history and is relentless and single-minded in her pursuit of justice. She has recently begun working with Knight Errant’s Special Crimes unit, targeting organized crime, specifically smuggling, drug, and gun rings. She’s been very vocal in her frustration with the Ork Underground and the fact that it’s a major pipeline into the city for criminal elements and has urged city officials to do everything they can to shut down the Underground to "plug a serious threat to Seattle’s public safety.”

Female Human
Connection Rating: 5

Key Active Skills: Computer, Data Search, Etiquette (Law), Intimidation (Interrogation), Leadership, Negotiation (Sense Motive), Perception
Knowledge Skills: Corporate Procedures, Crime Syndicates, Law, Politics, Street Gangs
Uses: Jobs, Information, Law-related favors
Places to Meet: Virtually or through an Intermediate (Usually Detective Tosh Athack)


ADA Dana Oaks

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