Mark "Mr. Smith" Anderson

An Elven Face/Technomancer


“Mr. Smith”
B 2, A 4, R 3, S 2, W 5, L 5, I 5, C 5, ESS 6, EDG 2, R 4
Condition Monitor (P/S): 9 / 11
Armor: 12
Limits: Physical 3, Mental 7, Social 7
Physical Initiative: 8+1D6
Matrix Initiative: 10+3D6
Active Skills: Computer 6 (Matrix Perception +2), Con 6 (Fast Talking +2), Cracking Group 6, Etiquette 5, Hardware 4, Negotiation 6, Perception 1, Pistols 4 (Semi-Automatics +2), Sneaking 4 (Urban +2), Software 6, Tasking Group 4
Knowledge Skills: Fashion 1, Matrix Security 4
Languages: English N, Japanese 5, Salish 5, Sperethiel 5
Metatype Abilities: Enhanced Senses: Low-Light Vision
Qualities: Allergy, Common (Mild): Alcohol, Analytical Mind, Codeslinger: Hack on the Fly, Natural Hardening, SINner (Corporate Limited SIN): Former Wageslave Software Salesman, Technomancer
Complex Forms: Static Bomb
Actioneer Business Clothes w/ Electrochromatic Modification
Armor Jacket w/ Electrochromatic Modification
Contacts (3) w/ Flare Compensation, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision
John Anderson w/ Fake License: Pistol (3), Fake SIN (3), (0 months) Middle Lifestyle
Meta Link Commlink
Nick E. Mouse w/ Fake License: Heavy Pistol (3), Fake SIN (1)
Quick-Draw Holster
Subvocal Microphone
Trauma Patch x2
Ares Light Fire 75 [Light Pistol, Acc 8, DV 6P, AP –, SA, 16 ©] w/ Ares Light Fire Silencer, (100x) Regular Ammo, Smartgun System, Internal, (3x) Spare Clips
Ares Predator V [Heavy Pistol, Acc 7, DV 8P, AP -1, SA, 15 ©] w/ (100x) Regular Ammo, Smartgun System, Internal, (4x) Spare Clips
Regular Ammo (Heavy Pistol) x100 [Acc 0, DV –, AP –]
Dr. Reeds (Connection 4, Loyalty 2)
Mike Wavaday (Connection 4, Loyalty 3)
Officer Gutanelli (Connection 1, Loyalty 1)
Ammunition & Resources:
Ares Light Fire 75 – Regular Ammo x16
Ares Predator V – Regular Ammo x15
– Independent – - 0/0
Allergy, Common (Mild): Alcohol – 0/0
Analytical Mind – 0/0
Codeslinger: Hack on the Fly – 0/0
Contacts (3) – 0/0
Dropped to Ground – 0/0
Edge Pool – 0/2
Enhanced Senses: Low-Light Vision – 0/0
Natural Hardening – 0/0
Quick-Draw Holster – 0/0
Regular Ammo (Heavy Pistol) – 100/100
SINner (Corporate Limited SIN): Former Wageslave Software Salesman – 0/0
Subvocal Microphone – 0/0
Technomancer – 0/0
Trauma Patch – 0/0

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Mark Anderson worked as a low level salesman for a small software branch under a larger firm in LA. He was working to make a sales pitch on a particular graphics program only to start actually seeing the code itself. At first he thought it was something he ate (or drank, more likely). He went through a run of calling in sick, making excuses at work, and trying best to both lie to himself and to his colleagues.

The day he accidentally dropped into hot sim mode, he no longer had any doubts. He’d researched a lot of things that could explain his symptoms. But took away any doubt He went home, cleared out his accounts, grabbed a bag, and walked out into the streets.

Since then, he’s been slipping money to an old friend of his who works at the company. Mike Wavaday works in a back room in employee re-acquisitions. For a 20% fee, Mr. Wavaday makes sure Mark Anderson’s name goes away when he pops up on a list. He’s an old friend willing to help Mark Anderson out, but he’s not willing to risk his job…or his life…over it.

“Mr. Smith” fled to the streets of Seattle. He had been living on the street for six months when a shadow-runner hid in the same box he was sheltering from the rain in. It turned out the runner was Solitaire, who introduced him to his crew and to a life where shadow-runners could make a difference…and get paid enough to get off the streets.

Mark "Mr. Smith" Anderson

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