Shadowrun Missions Madison

Amber Waves of Grain SRM 06-02

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published Missions adventure, Amber Waves of Grain SRM 06-02, that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

This is another very short session summary because I’m way behind in posting summaries.

The Players

Claudius, an ogre street sam
Felix, an elven Cat shaman
Quaid, a human sniper adept
Delta, an elven technomancer

Debriefing Log

Summary: The runners, hired by Sid Gambetti, extract Agent Orange from an old cargo container and “sneak” them into the water supply for a large automated farm. Team also completes side job to incriminate an enemy at the scene of the crime.

Successful objectives included:

  • Negotiated at the terminal to buy chemical without harming squatters
  • Destroyed the plants, animals and most of corp sec before fleeing into the night

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 13,000 nuyen
Karma: 5
Reputation: +1 Street Cred (getting chemicals peacefully)
Contacts: Sid Gambetti (Loyalty +1 (max 4)/Connection 3), Dr. Martin Tate (Loyalty +1 (max 4)/Connection 5)


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