Shadowrun Missions Madison

SRM 06-03 Ancient Rumblings 2019

The Team
Challenger (Jonathon)
Gagg (Charlie)
Lennie (Aaron)
Tiberius (David)
Wu (Ian)

Debriefing Log
Simon Andrews hired the team to investigate a Fuchi-America research lab in the CZ only to find a deserted insect spirit hive full of strange corpses. As they were leaving, a gang fight came to them! Becky99 and her Desolation Angels were on the run from a larger ork go gang, the Ramblers. Thanks to Challenger’s drone surveillance, the team had time to get into a defensive position, and they made short work of the gangers.

A grateful Becky99, explained she was following clues in her search to find her missing “little sister,” Tasha. She hired the team to pick up where she left off. This led them to an abandoned big box store and an increasingly violent cell of the elven Ancients gang.

Inside they found a deranged teen in clerical garb, The Alter Boy, with a magical dagger poised over a bound dwarf with a dozen gangers standing in a wide circle. Challenger’s drone opened on him with its minigun – and failed to do any damage. The lunatic plunged his dagger into his sacrifice. Tiberus sent his Duelist drone into melee. Lenny lobbed a grenade at The Alter Boy who stepped from the explosion unharmed. Then 3 of the nearest gangers exploded! The Duelist was destroyed (and Tiberus dumped from the matrix), and Lenny was buffeted.

Always ready with more firepower, Challenger launched a three-round burst of HE grenades. Each of the gangers exploded like a string of firecrackers, but The Alter Boy moved like lightning away from the blasts. Several supports toppled and the ceiling began to collapse. The runners fled for safety but not before Challenger hotwired a street bike.

The runners detailed their findings to Becky99 who later found Tasha and several other victim’s bodies. There was no sign of the Alter Boy.

Money: 9,000 nuyen
Karma: 7
Reputation: None
Contacts: Becky99 (Connection 4/Loyalty +1), Simon Andrews (Connection 5/Loyalty +1)


kerkuta kerkuta

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