Shadowrun Missions Madison

SRM 06-06 Falling Angels

Noble Knight Games

The Team
Challenger (Jonathon)
Dr. Russvik (Charles)
Haven (Mike)
Lee Ray (Charlie)
Lenny (Aaron)
Speaks-with-Wolf (Patrick)
Wu (Ian)

Special thanks to David for helping co-GM!

Debriefing Log
The grand finale. The team follows the trail of the Alter Boy only to find him, his master and the possessed killing machine, Samantha. The team found the artifact in the Bishop’s basement but left without investigating it. The Basillica battle ran long and we had to narrate the conclusion: the Bishop escaped but the Alter Boy and “Sam” were defeated.

Money: 15,000 nuyen
Karma: 8
Reputation: +1 street cred
Contacts: Becky99 (Connection 4/Loyalty +1), Remo, rating 7 free data sprite (Connection 3/Loyalty +1), lost Samantha as contact


kerkuta kerkuta

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