Shadowrun Missions Madison

04-00 Back in Business
Session 1

Mission Summary

Scene 1: Rock ‘n Roll Singer

The runners are contacted by a fixer named MacCallister for a job opportunity at Underworld 93 for a rare concert.

  • After Emerald Cacophony, a synthmetal band, opens, mega-star Mercurial plays
  • Random violence: a human man with a gun grabs a club-goer. Solitaire and Mr. Smith close on him while Bubba Yugga magically compels him to toss away the gun. The fight ends before many even know what happened. The MC nods approvingly.

Scene 2: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

The runners meet with MacCallister and get hired to find a missing woman ASAP.

  • MacCallister is an older ork (late 40s) with a 2050s era cyberdeck
  • Explains the job: An archoarcheologist named Fiona Craig arrived in Seattle last night from Greece and vanished.
  • Negotations: Mr. Smith manages 3,200¥ per runner

Scene 3: Money Talks

The runners get a second job offer.

  • Laurent Nazaire, a Quebecois dark-skinned dwarf casually approaches outside
  • The job offer: Craig is carrying a magical obsidian stone and he wants it. He offers to pay 2,800¥ per runner. Mr. Smith later learns that Nazaire represents The Atlantean Foundation.

Scene 4: Night Prowler

Through legwork, the runners learn that Craig checked into a Bellevue hotel and go to investigate

  • The Mulvihill Hotel is light on security and Solitaire and Mr. Smith make short work of getting in
  • Craig’s room contains a leather diary detailing the Morel Stone and a meet scheduled for last night, “Jack Turner, Seattle, 20:00.”
  • Mr. Smith’s matrix search yields a known smuggler named Captain Jack Turner based out of the Ork Underground.

Scene 5: Ruff Stuff

Upon entering the Underground, the runners get wrapped up in three way battle.

  • Haze tracked down an OU contact to find out about Capt. Jack and got pulled into a gang fight between the Skraacha and the Reality Hackers.
  • The Hackers attack the runners gear and commlinks but quickly get shut down by the runners’ combined firepower and matrix offense.
  • Reality Hacker Lieutenant Neon Mech is taken down just a Knight Errant Special Task Force members storm the OU. The runners escape into the tunnels.

Scene 6: Guns for Hire

The runners get yet another job offer, this time from a Seattle Assistant District Attorney.

  • Haze gets his commlink hacked – by a Knight Errant decker, and gets connected to ADA Dana Oaks. She informs the runners that Jack Turner is a BTL smuggler that could lead KE up the supply chain.
  • Mr. Smith fails to negotiate beyond 4,000¥ per runner – Oaks won’t budge.

Scene 7: Shake a Leg

The runners make their way into the OU and find a guide who leads them to Captain Jack’s hideout.

  • Haze leads the runners through a warehouse (in the Port of Seattle) that led into the underground grill named Knuckleburger.
  • Once onto the main drag, the runners meet an ork youth named Pip. He charges 50¥ per runner but leads them straight to Turner’s hideout in Pirate’s Cove

Scene 8: Kicked in the Teeth

The runners find Turner’s boat abandoned and his dockside warehouse.

  • The runners (with Pip’s assistance) find Turner’s boat, the Fortune Hunter. It’s empty but Haze manages to piss off the locals get in a fight.
  • Casing the joint: Mr. Smith notes an absence of wireless signals and Bubba Yugga encounters a powerful charged ward.
  • Coordinated assault: From the roof, Solitaire bores a hole in the roof, spots Turner with an endoscope and drops in a flash-bang grenade. Meanwhile, Haze and Speedfreak’s drones blow the front door. Solitaire pulls open a segment of roofing, drops in and trashes Turner. Haze and Candy charge in and get gunned down by several ork guards and automated gun platform. The runners trash several orks and the drone gun and let the remaining orks retreat.
  • Saving the girl: Craig and the Morel Stone are recovered.
  • And stealing the boat: And Speedfreak hacks the Fortune Hunter and runners leave the Underground.

Scene 9: Money Made

The runners get paid.

  • MacCallister puts the runners directly into contact with their employer, Fiona Craig’s father and a fixer and Draco Foundation member named Moreau. He offers the runners 2,000¥ per runner for the Morel Stone. The players decide they want to be friends of the DF instead of the Atlanteans.
  • The runners get paid all contracts as agreed, a total of 9,200¥ per runner
  • Plus 350¥ per runner for fenced weapons
  • Minus the 50¥ per runner paid to Pip
  • For a total payment of 9,500¥ per runner

Orc Underground
Capt Jacks Hideout

Morel Stone

Briefing Log
Briefing Log 04-00

SRM 05-01 Chasin' the Wind: Part 4
April 24, 2015 - Home Group

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published SRM 05-01 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Having just completed placing the second signal repeater for QP, the runners decided to make contact with Simon Andrews to get paid for the Janice Industries run. They contacted Simon and requested a meet at The Landing Strip after hours bar on the north side. He immediately agreed, suggesting that the information that they had was hot.

En route they got another call from Quantum Princess. She said another job had just come in and put them in contact with an Aztlaner troll named Juan Xihuitl (pronounced She-Wheat). He offered a job to find a missing girl in the Containment Zone on behalf of a Lone Star officer named Detective Ryder. Xihuitl said the target was a young, homeless, SINless woman who recently appeared in the MakerCollective region. She goes by the street name Samantha. The team agreed to take the job for 4,000 nuyen.

Once in the airport-themed bar, Quinn paid off a clubgoer for his booth (600 nuyen). Simon arrived and continued to make lewd advances toward Loki. He mostly focused on the data however and she ignored him as best she could. The runners offered the optical chip with the Janice Industries ownership data and he paid the agreed-upon amount, 3000 nuyen each. He gave them a 800 nuyen bonus each for detailed schematics of the facility.

Quinn then implied additional paydata was available from the run. He said it involved “those who can deck without cyberdecks.” After Simon said he would pay, Quinn explained the details of the clone gestalt program and the missing clone. Simon licked his lizard lips, and paid an additional 7,500 nuyen. He offered to pay for any related information that they might pick up in the future.

After the meet was over, Quinn contacted his Lone Star cop buddy Alistair Crowley. Despite waking him, he offered two leads. He said an all-female gang called the Mantises in the southwest corner of the Maker Collective were known to aggressively recruit loan street women. They would likely know if there was a new young lady in their territory. Alternatively, Officer Crowley suggested heading to a bar named Atlantis at the Terrace, a ramshackle tiered mall and black market. He said to ask for a bartender and information broker named Jedi.

The runners decided to follow up on option two. They found Jedi, a middle-aged man with a long ponytail, who for the price of a few drinks directed them toward a street kid named Mohawk.

Mohawk, a bright eyed youth with a 2 foot tall pink mohawk, said he knew of the missing girl. He said that she was staying at a street drug lab run be a local gang. In exchange for lifting as much cram as the runners can carry, he offered to give details of the location.

Quinn reluctantly agreed, and Mohawk explained that Samantha had been seen coming in and out of a lab and drug den run by The Wildcats. The Wildcats claim the northeast corner of the Maker Collective and sport purple and white colors. The current boss is named Willy and his lieutenant is Shapiro.

Mohawk also described Samantha as a 20-year-old lean Caucasian woman with short brown hair wearing baggy disposable clothing and an oversized armor jacket.

He then led the runners to the lab, which was attached to a squatter-filled strip mall. For a 200 nuyen deposit, Mohawk offered to show them a secret entrance. Through a broken wall, they found a ventilation shaft that led into a storage room within the lab.

Meanwhile Jackfrost hacked into the lab’s host and looped several cameras. He had an eery sensation of being watched and logged out and rebooted his deck.

Quinn astrally projected through the storage room walls and spotted a fire elemental guard. He evaded detection only by the concealment of his own beast spirit. Also within, he saw six gangers with purple colors working despite the early hour.

Quinn levitated the party to a second-story window. Once inside, Loki jumped into her insect drone and scouted the upper floor. She found a dozen people, either asleep or stoned but no one particularly alert.

Remo.pngThe runners prepared to infiltrate the lab from upstairs. Jackfrost jumped back into the matrix and prepared to enter the host. While spoofing the necessary authentication, a cartoon crow appeared and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Apparently unsatisfied with his answer, the crow told him to go away. Jackfrost was unnerved by the extraordinary resolution and the unusual code of the persona. He said, "We are here looking for a girl. We want to make sure she is safe. "

The crow replied, “No one else keeps her safe. Only Remo keeps her safe.” The crow looked agitated and then vanished into the host.

CMP 2014-02 Boundless Mercy: Search

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the unpublished CMP 2014-02 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Having completed the investigation of the abandoned Illuninates of the New Dawn site on the southside of Chicago, the runners were not surprised when Nazaire called with additional business. Delta, an elven technomancer, and Botami, an elven rat shaman, who completed the last mission, were joined by two new runners: Caleb, an ogre street sam, and Jackfrost, a human decker.

The group arrived after dark at an abandoned church crypt and met a remarkably pleasant woman named Elizabeth Nunn and the Québécois dwarf Nazaire. After providing drinks, Ms. Nunn explained that the new job was to find the whereabouts of a local mage. Following negotiations, the team agreed to 5,000 nuyen plus 1,000 nuyen bonus if completed within 24 hours.

Ms. Nunn then explained the target was Magus Tyrone Girardi, head of the southside branch of IoND. He apparently escaped the initial attack on the chapterhouse and had gone into hiding. He was last seen in the southern part of the Containment Zone. She wanted Girardi alive for questioning.

Botami had been extensively researching IoND since his first run in with their site and shared all he knew of their organization, local leadership, and rumors including the location of 4 known safe houses in the area. Jackfrost started sifting throught data on NooseNet and determined that one safehouse was defunct.

The team decided to head into the zone and do some physical legwork near the remaining known safehouses. En route, a group of go-gangers assaulted Caleb’s step van. With some rigger-like driving, Caleb dodged debris and avoided getting flanked by the more nimble bikes. Meanwhile, Delta’s sprite and Jackfrost bricked bike after bike. Botami levitated a massive portion of tangled rebar and concrete over the van and dropped it just as it passed, ending further pursuit.

Unfortunately, that was the end of Botami’s good ideas for the night. Once near the safe house, actually a row of run down brownstone townhouses, he did some astral scouting and detected a large ward, the kind that would take several mages to create. He slipped through the magical barrier only to face an aspected background count and an angry hellhound. Botami tried to flee but was unable to slide back through the ward. The coal black dog howled and Botami was overcome with fear.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team heard the supernatural howl and moved quickly. Jackfrost placed a medkit on Batomi and then joined Delta who was hacking into the place’s hidden host. At the same time, Caleb positioned the van next to a doorway. He jumped out and started battering down the door.

Back inside, Botami raced deeper into the building whizzing past a pair of mages and their water elemental. The elemental spotted Botami and reported him as the rat shaman zipped to the next room’s outer wall and pounded on the ward. He damaged it a bit.

Then the water elemental slammed him into astral pulp (3 boxes past his overflow!). With both matrix wizards in VR and Caleb out of the van, no one noticed the medkit’s flat line tracing.

Caleb charged into the townhouse and cornered two IoND mages. One manabolted the ogre to minimal effect while the second vanished. Caleb devastated the caster with his Ares Alpha. He them moved back into the next room and encountered the hellhound. Before the beast he open its mouth, Caleb sent it to whatever hell such hounds go to after leaving this plane.

The invisible mage (and animal handler) bellowed in rage and lost his drek. He dropped his spell and overcast a massive fireball at Caleb. Despite being fully in the blast, the ogre’s fire resistant coat and thick hide allowed only superficial burns.

The drain nearly knocked the mage out, so Caleb finished him off with a haymaker to the chin. He drug the mage to the van for later questioning and then saw Batomi’s status.

The team regrouped and went back inside to investigate the basement. Caleb easily shrugged off an alchemical firebomb trap at the base of the stairs. The chamber beyond was huge, including the basements of all the townhouses in the block. Several ritual circles with ominous stains covered the floor. Then, they heard a moan from a closet.

Within, the runners found an emaciated and ravenous ghoul chained to the ground. It lashed out at Caleb, but he stayed frosty long enough to learn that it had been tormented by and experimented upon by the IoND mages. Other ghouls had been sacrificed. Caleb fed the ghoul, named Mercy, who calmed and proved to be surprisingly lucid. Mercy explained that Giardi had been there but left several hours ago toward a private jet to Quebec. Caleb freed the grateful ghoul.

Once back in the van, Jackfrost noticed a faint heartbeat reading on Batomi’s medkit. Miraculously, the machine was able to stabilize the shaman (permanently burnt karma).

The team contacted Nazaire and returned to the cozy crypt. Ms. Nunn was disappointed that Girardi escaped but thanked the team for determining where he went. She asked what else they found and they shared details of the magical experiments on the Infected. She was aghast and told the runners to expect more work soon. She pays them 6,000 nuyen as agreed.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 6,000 nuyen
Karma: 6 (survival, finding safe house, learning Giardi’s location, freeing ghoul, telling Ms. Nunn about experiments)
Reputation: +1 Street Cred (telling Ms. Nunn about experiments)
Contacts: Ms. Nunn (Loyalty 2 or +2 if already a contact, max 4), Nazaire (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4), Caleb only: Mercy (Loyalty 2)

SRM 05-01 Chasin' the Wind

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published SRM 05-01 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

A winter storm warning pinged his commlink just before Yurei, the ork ganger turned samurai, got phoned by his fixer, Quantum Princess, to rally the team for a rush job. He called Shift, dwarven decker/rigger who picked up Yurei and the rest of team: Ito, an oni adept “ninja master” and Marx, an adept weapon specialist.

Despite the near whiteout conditions, they met QP at Chicago’s Own pizzeria. She offered 4,000 nuyen to place a matrix signal repeater atop the Chicago Midway Airport control tower. Ito shared that the airport was the base of a major smuggling operation but thought the team could sneak in with the weather conditions.

This was confirmed with some onsite drone scouting from Shift.

Shift then paused the mission long enough to hack the device and learn that it was designed to boost local matrix signals, but also allow someone access to a shadow grid known as NooseNet. The dwarf inserted his own back door entrance, of course.

Finding only a couple of guards focused mainly on keeping warm, the team stealthily approached the opposite side of the tower. Ito climbed with supernatural alacrity and secured a rope for the others. Once upon the roof, Shift got to work installing the device while the others maintained overwatch. The team slipped back out with no signs of detection. They were suitably nervous by how well everything went.

Once out of the Zone, QP called. “Nice work team. The repeater is online. And it seems like the night is right for work. I’ve got a Johnson on the line with a rush job.” The picture flashed and was replaced by a changeling best described as a lizard man. He wore black leathers and a British flag t-shirt and said, “Hoi blokes. I’m Simon Andrews.” He offered a job in the Containment Zone finding ownership data from the servers of a biomedical lab named Janus Industries. He offered 4,000 nuyen for the “piece of cake” job.

The team headed back into the blizzard-covered CZ and drove northeast. Once near the Janus campus, they found a well-maintained lab and office building with the front door open, snow drifting inside. Shift sent his drone inside and found an empty waiting area with a mangled inner stairway door. The team moved up.

In the adjoining hallway, the runners found a corpse. It was a Janus security guard who died of a massive gut wound created by an unknown beast. Astrally, Marx sensed a faint signature of pain and fear, likely only a day or two imparted. Ito scooped up the guard’s ID and used it open the nearby security office.

Shift directly connected to the terminal easily hacked into the system. He quickly found the lab ownership data and jacked out undetected.

Despite their curiosity, the team egressed and drove off into the drifting snow.

Once free of the Zone, Yurei phoned Quantum Princess. She said, “I was just about to call you. Feast or famine, they say. I’ve got another Johnson on the line.” The call transferred to an Aztlaner troll with a fine suit and a traditional neckpiece. He said, “Hola, amigos. I am* Juan Xihuitl*. A young woman named Sam has gone missing in the CZ and I would have you recover her.” He explained that the job would be a favor for a Lone Star detective named Nick Ryder. They were given the girl’s description and her last known location: the Maker Collective. Ito managed to negotiate 5,000 nuyen.

Shift started scanning the matrix and learned about the Maker Collective, a community of techies, geeks and mad scientists. Yurei contacted his street doc, Patches, who offered to ask around. Shift then combed through message boards and personal nodes looking for links between “Sam” and the “Maker Collective”.

Yurei’s commlink noted an incoming call. A redheaded street doc said she knew about Sam. She wanted to know why the team was looking for her and who hired them. They tried to stall her while Shift hacked her commlink. The distance proved to great however. She cursed and ended the call.

Ito recognized the woman, however, as Dr. Sonja from a street clinic near the Maker Collective and only a couple of miles from the Janus lab. The team decided to pay her a visit.

Even at midnight, several patients waited in the cramped office. The secretary, a beefy troll woman, signed Ito in as patient. He got bored waiting and started flirting with her. She was very receptive.

A burly ork in scrubs came out and told Ito to get lost. “The doctor doesn’t want to see you.” Ito stood firm as a mountain until the ork tried to grab him. With a flourish, the oni darted away and continued with a series of mocking dance moves. The ork swore and left in a huff.

The secretary quietly offered to get the doctor a message if Ito wanted her to.

Meanwhile, Shift finished his search for Sam and found confirmation of her in the last week around the Collective. She was seen wearing disposable scrubs and a Janus security jacket!

About an hour later, Ito got a call from Dr. Sonja. She apologized for her nurse’s behavior. Ito apologized for his decker’s. Both offered details of what they knew about Sam so far. Last week, the doctor helped the woman patch up a hole in the back of her neck from a self-excised cranial bomb. She had amnesia and no placed to go. Ito convinced the doctor that he wanted what was best for Sam, and she disclosed that she had arranged safe haven for Sam with a Maker Collective gang called the Wildcats. The team agreed to offer Sam to go with Detective Ryder if she wished.

The team contacted Willie, the Wildcats’ leader and met at a drug lab. Sam emerged and listened to their offer. She was conflicted and confused but agreed to meet Detective Ryder for more information. They left together and planned a meet with Dr. Sonja and Det. Ryder at a nearby Stuffer Shack. He explained that she was kidnapped 20 years ago and that he never stopped thinking about his first cold case. He offered get her examined and find a safe place where the people who did this could not find her again. She agreed to go with him and try for a new life. She and Ryder thanked the runners.

The team tied up loose ends, got paid as agreed upon, and went their separate ways for some rest and warmth.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 11,750 nuyen
Karma: 6 (survival, modifying the matrix node, retrieving data from Janus lab, recovering Sam)
Reputation: +1 Street Cred (modifying the matrix node)
Contacts: Quantum Princess (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4), Simon Andrews (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4), Juan Xihuitl (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4), Nick Ryder (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4), Samantha (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4)

CMP 2014-01 Boundless Mercy: Recon

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the unpublished CMP 2014-01 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Last week’s winter storm abated leaving tall snowdrifts and icy conditions in the Chicago Sprawl. Quantum Princess, fixer and legendary decker, called up the team for a job. The team included Yurei, the ork ganger turned samurai, Shift, dwarven decker/rigger, Solitaire, elven gunslinger adept, and Slim, an elven social adept and sniper. QP pointed the team to a French restaurant on Lake Michigan south of the Zone called La Petite Mer.

The team got dressed up and met a dwarven Quebecois fixer and their Mr. Johnson, Laurent Nazaire. He made pleasant conversation during appetizers and pitched the job after the main course was ordered. He explained that an empty rural cabin south of the Chicago Sprawl was the base of a magical group and was attacked 10 days ago. Nazaire wanted the team to investigate the site and bring back any data about its former occupants.

Slim shrewdly negotiated top pay for the team, 7,500 nuyen plus standard fencing rates for any paydata found. Then, Nazaire explained that the site was a Chapterhouse (base) for the Illuminates of the New Dawn. The Southside Circle was led by Magus Girardi. Information about his whereabouts was especially important.

En route, Shift got some aerial surveillance of the woodland cabin and surrounding farmland. He also researched the local Illuminates and Girardi.

Once near the site, the team donned their sneak suits and advanced carefully – until a squirrel-like watcher spirit starting chattering “loudly” in astral space. Solitaire warned the team and a massive fur-covered beast spirit converged on them. Despite innumerable claws and dagger-filled maws, Yurei dodged away. Solitaire closed and ended it was a single slash of his magical blade.

Within moments, another beast spirit closed. It roared savagely and Yurei was overcome with supernatural fear. He bolted back toward the main road.

Solitaire easily destroyed the spirit and Yurei’s panic ended as quickly as it started.

The runners advanced on the ruined lodge and found a rusted-out van parked in front. Shift sent his Fly-Spy drone closer. He recognized the tag on the van as belonging to the wiz-gang The Specters. The drone moved to an open window frame. Within he saw 3 wiz-gangers preparing for attack.

Wasting no time, Solitaire launched a Neuro-Stun VII grenade from his Ares Alpha into the window. Simultaneously, Slim fired his Ares Dessert Strike through the cabin wall into the ganger visible on the drone’s video feed. The ganger dropped.

Shift lowered his rotodrone in front of a broken-out bedroom window and fired a narcojet dart at the mage leader. The round bounced off a magical shield. The mage summoned a large air elemental, but before he could order it, Shift changed tactics. The drone loosed a hail of bullets, destroying the mystical barrier and the mage. The spirit departed.

Once the gas cleared, the team entered and found the third mage passed out (due to the Neuro-Stun) near the back door. The team bound him and left him in the rusted van.

Back inside, a search of the place revealed some magical reagents and a secret panel door to a ruined root cellar. Solitaire gracefully moved down. Switching to his third eye, he felt a wash of malice and saw a ghostly form enter the debris-filled room. The specter attacked with an agony spell, which Solitaire shrugged off, feeling only momentary mild discomfort.

The adept then gracefully hurtled the fallen timber and destroyed the restless spirit with a flourish of his blade. The rest of the team started calling him “Ghostbuster”.

After searching the basement, the team found an unpowered node. They removed it and loaded up Shift’s van. Once on the road, they passed a lit-up patrol car heading the opposite way.

Back at the safehouse, Shift powered up the node and found it connected to an IoND host. He sleazed his way inside and found a medieval tower lined with impossibly high bookshelves and drifting motes of light. He quickly found the files (books) related to the Southside Chapterhouse’s research, correspondence from Girardi, and several valuable videos. Shift found and diffused a data bomb, made copies and jacked out.

The team learned that Girardi and an underling, named Stackowski, were communicating about a missing subject. The research notes explained that they were injecting HMHVV into healthy people and monitoring their changes into ghouls, vampires and worse! Furthermore, the videos showed that Girardi escaped the Chapterhouse before the attack.

The team contacted Nazaire to wrap up. The meet was at a small, old church in a Westside neighborhood with Czech-sounding businesses and accents. An attached mausoleum, held a false back wall, that Nazaire opened. He led the runners into a clean, well-lit sitting area. An attractive mixed Asian-Caucasian woman in a dark suit introduced herself as Elizabeth Nunn. She listened intently to the team’s findings and thanked them. Nazaire paid the agreed upon amount plus 5,000 nuyen for the videos and told the team to expect more work within the next week.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 9,325 nuyen each (includes base pay, extra pay data, and fenced loot)
Karma: 7 (survival, defeating The Specters, defeating the specter, finding the node, hacking the node)
Reputation: +1 Street Cred (defeating The Specters)
Contacts: Naurent Nazaire (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4), Elizabeth Nunn (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4)

CMP 2014-03 Boundless Mercy: Recover

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the unpublished CMP 2014-03 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

The team was relaxing after completing Nazaire’s job to track down Magus Girardi of the Illuminates of the New Dawn. As expected, the fixer called the team for the next leg of the Johnson’s (the attractive albeit eccentric Ms. Nunn’s) mission. The team included, Delta, an elven technomancer, Botami, an elven rat shaman, and Kaleb, an ogre street sam,

The runners returned the abandoned Westside church and met in the secret basement lair. Nazaire and Ms. Nunn explained the job: travel to Montreal via a local coyote and find Giardi. Nazaire suggested they start by trying to contact a West Island (Montreal slum) gang leader of the pan-city Hellsouls. He would certainly know if the IoND had a base in the region. Botami was unable to negotiate for higher pay and the team settled on 8,000 nuyen each. The team was given coordinates at which to meet their coyote: Wild Willy.

Out of the sprawl, they found Willy lived up to his moniker. He was ork mountain man with a wild beard, patched clothes and mismatched boots. His ride, however, inspired much more confidence. It was customized Ares Venture thunderbird covered with thermal dampening camouflage netting.

After a 2-hour flight, the team touched down on a semi-abandoned airstrip outside of Montreal. They were directed to a rusted out Eurovan with the safe house coordinates preprogrammed.

The team entered the West Island district, a depressed urban slum. The van led them to an alley behind Mathias’ Bar. They found the safe house upstairs adequate at best and decided to head down to the bar to start their search.

The team quickly realized several patrons were Hellsouls. Kaleb strode up to their table and asked for a meeting with their gang leader. They sneered and mocked him. The ogre asked again and an ork ganger stood up and told him to “piss off!”

Then the bar brawl started. Kaleb battled 3 gangers including the ork and a head-butting dwarf. Botami fought 2 humans and slung manabolts like they were effortless. Once a third of the gangers were beaten, the rest grudgingly yielded and offered to take them to their boss, Hellbent.

Hellbent turned out to be a large troll with ram horns and stylized red flame tattoos on all visible skin. His voice rumbled when she spoke. “I know where the mage hides. Do a job for me and I will tell you.” He then explained that he wanted some chips held in a local warehouse tampered with. He provided some clues to help the team locate them, but these proved too obscure.

The team moved near the St. Lawrence River Shipping Company’s warehouse complex and scouted it out. Botami scanned the astral and found a roving air elemental. Delta eyed the small corporate host and ensured that the company was not a front for something more threatening. Kaleb provided physical recon and found a cyclone fence and 3 patrolling guards making hourly rounds. The site otherwise contained 6 large warehouses, a couple of huge cranes, and countless shipping containers.

The runners went in while Delta manned the van and provided Matrix overwatch. He tried to hack the host twice and found it beyond his skills. He instead hacked the guard’s commlink and turned it into a jammer to prevent a call for reinforcements. Botami and Kaleb went over the wall and quickly gunned the guards down.

It was then that the team realized they had no way of knowing where to start searching for the chips.

Kaleb busted into the nearest warehouse and began searching physically. Batomi’s earth elemental engaged the air elemental who came to investigate the gunfire. Both fled back to the security office and Botami followed. The astral battle with the onsite security mage was brief before Botami retreated.

Just as Kaleb found a promising-looking case of chips, he heard the sound of many approaching footfalls and sirens. He decided to run for it.

The team met up outside the complex and realized there would be no way to get back to the chips without security knowing what was tampered with. They decided to return to Hellbent and report their failure. He just laughed. Clearly, the troll cared little if they actually succeeded. He even offered to still provide the information the runners sought, but at a price of ten large. Kaleb noted that removing the mage would help the Hellsouls, allowing Botami to talk the gang leader down to 9,000 nuyen.

The team contacted Nazaire to report their “success”. They met him and Elizabeth Nunn at a nice Montreal restaurant and handed over the data. Ms. Nunn was unusually intense and eager to begin the next stage of her plans.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 5,000 nuyen each
Karma: 5 (survival, obtaining compound’s location, avoiding combat with Hellsouls)
Reputation: +1 Public Awareness (fighting the warehouse guards)
Contacts: Ms. Nunn (Loyalty +1 if already a contact, max 4), Nazaire (Loyalty +1 if already a contact, max 4)

CMP 2014-02 Boundless Mercy: Search 2

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the unpublished CMP 2014-02 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Having completed the investigation of the abandoned Illuninates of the New Dawn site on the Southside of Chicago, the runners were not surprised when Nazaire called with additional business. Ito, an oni adept and self-described “Legendary Ninja Warrior”, was joined by Slim, elven social adept and sniper, and Shift, a dwarven rigger/decker.

The group arrived after dark at the abandoned church crypt and met the remarkably pleasant Elizabeth Nunn and the Québécois dwarf Nazaire. After providing drinks, Ms. Nunn explained that the new job was to find the whereabouts of an IoND mage. Following expertly-applied negotiations by Slim, the team agreed to 8,500 nuyen each.

Ms. Nunn then explained the target was Magus Tyrone Girardi, head of the Southside branch of IoND. He apparently escaped the initial attack on the chapterhouse and had gone into hiding. He was last seen in the southern part of the Containment Zone. She wanted Girardi alive for questioning.

Ito left a message for his mage contact, Lothan the Wise, but the troll did not return the call in time. Shift sifted through data on NooseNet and found a poster claiming knowledge of IoND’s Chicago activity. After a private message request, he heard back from a metahuman named Uther who offered locations of known IoND safe houses in the Zone for 700 nuyen. Shift accepted. Meanwhile, Slim contacted Pentos (name pending player approval), his talismonger contact and learned, after 300 nuyen and asking around, that one safe house was recently absorbed by the Human Brigade.

The team decided to head into the zone and do some physical legwork near the remaining known safehouses. En route, a group of go-gangers started tailing Shift’s van. Ito and Slim jumped out and hid until the bikes passed. They scaled a dilapidated building while Shift circled around. Ito dropped one biker with an arrow that blasted through the target’s back before sinking several inches into the broken asphalt. Simultaneously, Slim held his breath, corrected for wind and fired a single shot from his Desert Strike. The second biker fell in eerie synchronization with his partner.

Slim bricked another ganger’s SMG and he and his chummer wisely turned away.

The team moved to the closest safe house and started casing the place. In the matrix, Shift found 3 hidden commlinks. He hacked their slaved devices and got views of someone reading arcane writings on a datapad and 2 others apparently sleeping. Then, he sent in a Fly-Spy drone in and found 2 cybered guards watching the front door. Well, one was watching. One was sleeping (critical glitch on Perception). Several minutes later a mage tromped upstairs and yelled at the guard for sleeping and headed back downstairs.

Ito snuck into an upstairs window and moved catlike to the main floor. He left a neurostun grenade and retreated. Outside, he wirelessly triggered the grenade. Then, he climbed back in and found both guards slumped unconscious. He let the rest of team in the front door.

The oni moved down the basement stairs and tried to slip through the door – only to trigger a quickened firebomb. With his fire-resistant armor, he was merely singed. He launched an electrical arrow into the flabbergasted mage dropping him.

As Slim and Shift’s rotodrone moved downstairs, a water elemental manifested nearby. It sloshed at Slim but missed. Ito dispatched it was two deft katana strikes.

The nearby bedroom doors opened. A pair of invisible mages joined the battle but proved less-than-invisible to Ito and the drone’s ultrasound sensors. The team quickly subdued both casters.

Looking around, the runners noted the central chamber was huge, including the basements of all the townhouses in the block. Several ritual circles with ominous stains covered the floor. Notes from the datapad described ritual magic performed on ghouls and other humanoids but the details were beyond the team’s understanding.

Slim interrogated the more potent mage, who explained that Giardi had been there but left several hours ago toward a private jet to Quebec. The team stripped the mages of their valuables and left them near Ghoultown.

Lastly, the runners contacted Nazaire and returned to the cozy crypt. Ms. Nunn was disappointed that Girardi escaped town but thanked the team for determining where he went. She asked what else they found and they shared details of the magical experiments on the Infected. She was aghast and told the runners to expect more work soon. She pays them as agreed.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 8,167 nuyen each (8,500 – 1,000 for legwork divided evenly)
Karma: 6 (survival, finding safe house, learning Giardi’s location, not (directly) killing mages, telling Ms. Nunn about experiments)
Reputation: +1 Street Cred (telling Ms. Nunn about experiments)
Contacts: Ms. Nunn (Loyalty 2 or +2 if already a contact, max 4), Nazaire (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4)
Loot: 2 used Harley Scorpion motorcycles (one with 3 boxes of damage, one with 6), one used Browning Ultra-Power heavy pistol, 2 Ares Alpha assault rifles, 6 flash bang grenades, 2 stun batons, 2 suits of SWAT armor with helmets (Armor 15, fire resistance 4, non-conductivity 6), 90 drams of hermetic reagents, chameleon suit, electronics kit, glasscutter, lockpick set, cellular glove molder (Rating 3), keycard copier (Rating 5), sustaining focus (health, Force 5), sustaining focus (illusion, Force 5), heavy crossbow with 8 bolts.

CMP 2014-04 Boundless Mercy: Destroy

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the unpublished CMP 2014-04 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

The Chicago team was still in West Island, Montreal and had only a few days to recover from the Hellsouls job. They reported their mission objective, the whereabouts of one Magus Giardi, to their fixer and awaited the next phase. The team included, Delta, an elven technomancer, Botami, an elven rat shaman, and Caleb, an ogre street sam.

Meanwhile, the fixer, Laurent Nazaire, contacted three new members to bolster the team for the mission finale. He contacted Dogfood, a human techno, Zyanya, a human adept, and Flapjacks, a human street samurai. They agreed to take the job for 8,000 nuyen and were transported to Montreal to meet the rest of the team.

After introductions, the Ms. Johnson contacted the team directly. She offered a side job for a friend who ran a pediatric clinic for terminally ill kids. Apparently, patients had gone missing in the night over the last couple of weeks. She offered 4,000 nuyen and gave the team her contact’s name, Kay St. Jacques.

The runners arrived at a worn red brick building with a lone door guard. They dropped Kay’s name and were directed to her office. She showed the team around the brightly decorated rooms and explained what little was known about the kidnappers: no forced entry, no witnesses, and no apparent patterns.

The team split up to interview staff, review matrix records, and establish better security. Dogfood developed a detailed profile on both guards, Sean and Duane, and assessed them to be clean. Zyanya made friends with a weak, young patient and in her room found a trampled teddy bear with a human-sized boot print. With his assault rifle in hand, Flapjacks watched the main 2nd floor hallway. Caleb and Delta installed cameras, tripwires, and a sensor on the main doors. Lastly, Botami conjured an elemental to patrol the place and was performing astral sweeps himself when trouble arrived.

Delta was pinged when the front door opened. He monitored the camera and saw the guard opening the door for no apparent reason. He alerted everyone immediately. Moments later, Flapjacks saw a shadow of movement in the hallway before him. And then he was dodging melee attacks.

Botami’s spirit let him know that “those not hidden by my eyes” were in the building. The rat shaman ordered the spirit to lead him and to contain the foes.

Dogfood and his sprite hacked the clinic’s host to engage the sprinkler system, hoping to visualize the targets.

At one end of the hall, Flapjacks battled two invisible foes with his monofilament whip. He suffered a pair of vicious gouges but delivered deadly retribution.

At the other end, Caleb was faring less well in melee with 2 unseen foes. Fortunately, the spirit arrived and grappled one allowing the ogre to gun down the other.

Meanwhile, Zyanya emerged from a side room and targeted the hidden mage. She suffered a pair of stunbolts before finishing him. His bound spirit vanished as well, causing all the hidden targets to be revealed. They were ghouls – and a particularly feral band at that.

After things settled down, Botami determined that the guard was magically compelled to open the door. The team got paid and enjoyed both Kay and Elizabeth’s gratitude.

The next day, Nazaire called with details of the real job: scope out the IoND compound and capture Giardi alive.

The technos found online satellite images of the compound, an old grocery distribution warehouse complex surrounded by cargo containers and old trailers. Via astral recon, Botami found astrally perceiving mages and mundane snipers on the roof as well as a pair of patrolling spirits. Dogfood hacked some neighboring cameras and scanned the gate guards’ routine. Delta scanned the slaved devices on the host and found a well-equipped security rigger and Giardi in a central office building.

Under the concealment of their own spirit, the team decided to have Botami levitate himself, Caleb, Flapjacks, and Zyanya (via a magic carpet) over the wall and get the drop on the sniper/mage pair above the offices. As planned, both dropped without returning fire. The runners dashed to a rooftop doorway that Dogfood unlocked just before a watcher spirit passed overhead.

In the host, Delta tried to mark the spider’s commlink…and failed. Over tense seconds, he tried to erase the mark and hide. Dogfood delayed the arrival of any ice and set his trio of sprites on the spider.

Meanwhile, the others moved quickly toward their target. Flapjacks was in the lead and peered into an office. Giardi was speaking to a tall, dark clad man who eerily turned and stared at Flapjacks. The sam shoved the door open and fired a knockout dart. The figure moved like a blur and then dissolved into mist.

Caleb rounded the corner and punched Giardi with shock gloves, easily dropping him. The team scooped him up and left the same way they entered. By the time security was mobilized, the team was well clear of the compound.

Once the team met with Elizabeth to drop off the Giardi, she magically probed his mind. Her face quickly changed from satisfaction to anger to horror. Then her form flickered and the attractive woman became bald and gaunt with dark claws and razor teeth. She became a nosferatu. A she buried her face in Giardi’s neck and drained him until dead.

The team stood by quietly shrugging.

Elizabeth stood up and reverted to her more pleasing form before she said, “It may not be obvious, but that was justice and more mercy than he deserved.”

Nonplussed, the runners took their pay and went to meet the coyotes who would get them back home.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 12,000 nuyen each
Karma: 7 (survival, capturing Giardi, saving the clinic)
Reputation: +2 Street Cred (capturing Giardi, saving the clinic)
Contacts: Ms. Nunn (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4), Nazaire (Loyalty 1 or +1 if already a contact, max 4)


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