Nick Ryder

Lone Star Detective


Nick is a washed up Lone Star Detective who took to the bottle when the bugs first hit Chicago and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. He stayed there for nearly two decades. Now, he’s fighting to climb his way out and thinks he sees a chance to do some good for the city once again. Those who know him on the streets say he’s trustworthy, but his bosses can’t stand him and the press is in their pocket. He always tries to do what he feels is right, and it usually lands him in hot water with someone.

Male Human
Connection Rating: 3

Key Active Skills: Etiquette (Street), Negotiation, Pistols
Knowledge Skills: Chicago Area, Crime Syndicates, Illegal Goods, Law Enforcement, Local Gangs, Local Politics, Police Procedures, Street Rumors
Uses: Legal help, Information


Nick Ryder

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