Quantum Princess

Decker, Fixer


Vanessa Rodriguez, a.k.a. Quantum Princess, is an elder statesman among shadowrunners. She was in the heart of downtown when Bug City hit and the Containment Zone went up, and she was one of those early few who tried to figure out what was happening and helped cobble together a rude BBS to help those trapped survive and communicate. Many suspect she’s the primary SysAdmin for NooseNet, Chicago’s Shadow Host, though she won’t admit to it and the host is run anonymously. Most often she can be found working as a fixer. She’s also liked and trusted by almost every faction in the shattered sprawl, and frequently acts as a mediator and go-between for them.

Female Human
Connection Rating: 4

Key Active Skills: Cracking Group, Electronics Group
Knowledge Skills: Black Market Pipeline, Chicago Area (Containment Zone), Insect Spirits, Local Runners, Matrix Host Design, Matrix Hot Spots (Chicago Grid), Matrix Host Networking, Organized Crime (Chicago), Safehouses, Smugglers, Street Gangs (Chicago)
Uses: Computer gear, Information, Jobs


Quantum Princess

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