Shadowrun Missions Madison

SRM 10-01 Death’s Daily Business

The Team
Face (Ian)
Marigold (Mike)
Sparrow (Patrick)
Spectre (Jonathan)

Debriefing Log
Kaito Nakamura hired the team to unravel the story of a botched assassination. After briefing the local yakuza boss, the team tracked the sniper to a bathhouse and convinced him to help. His tampered rifle led them to a jilted ex-lover and ultimately a Chiba love hotel and their hacker target – who surrendered readily. Totally black trench coat.

Money: 10,000 nuyen
Karma: 6
Reputation: +1 street cred
Contacts: Kaito Nakamura (Connection 5/Loyalty +1), Dansu no Hana, sniper (Connection 3/Loyalty +1)


kerkuta kerkuta

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