Shadowrun Missions Madison

SRM 10-03 When the Bough Breaks

The Team
Ava (Erin)
Lenny (Aaron)
Rave (Rich)
Spectre (Jonathan)
Twitch (David)

Debriefing Log

When a Tanaka-san meet turns out to be a crime scene, the runners leave with an unexpected package and have to decide who to return it to. The yaks make a play and taking it back violently but the team goes full metal jacket. The team returns to package to Nakashima.

Money: 9,750 nuyen
Karma: 5
Reputation: +1 street cred, +1 Notoriety for lasers and lightning bolts in the NT streets
Contacts: Mitsuru Kobayashi, Komatsu executive assistant (Connection 3/Loyalty +1), Ms. Takei, fixer (Connection 4/Loyalty +1)


kerkuta kerkuta

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