Shadowrun Missions Madison

Ten Fifty-Seven SRM 06-01

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published Missions adventure, Ten Fifty-Seven SRM 06-01, that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

This is another very short session summary because I’m way behind in posting summaries.

The Players

Marshall, an ogre street sam
Felix, an elven Cat shaman
Quaid, a human sniper adept
Delta, an elven technomancer

Debriefing Log

Summary: Lone Star Detective Nick Ryder teamed up with Dr. Martin Tate to investigate missing persons cases within the zone, starting with a couple family homes missing 2 children. Later, footage from the clinic showed the same 2 children entering Tate’s clinic and detonating grenades. The team learned that a Horizon company man packed full of delta-grade augmentation went missing.

The story then took a turn when the leader of the Desolation Angels, Becky99, called in the group for help. A gang house had been bombed and a junior member named Tasha was missing. Becky99 hired the runners to try to find the raiders.

Legwork eventually led the runners to an abandoned flower shop. In the basement, they found mutilated bodies and a wall of photos of missing children, including Tasha. Then a vampire attacked the party but was quickly dispatched. The party collected clues and returned to Becky and Tate to get paid.

Successful objectives included:

  • Investigated the duplex, single-family home, and clinic
  • Find the bikes and interrogate the riders
  • Investigate the flower shop

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 10,000 nuyen
Karma: 5
Reputation: +2 Street Cred (freely communicating with Nick Ryder and Becky99)
Contacts: Nick Ryder (Loyalty +1 (max 4)/Connection 3), Dr. Martin Tate (Loyalty +1 (max 4)/Connection 5), Becky99 (Loyalty +1 (max 4)/Connection 4)

Humanitarian Aid CMP 2010-04

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published Missions adventure, Humanitarian Aid CMP 2010-04, that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Also note this is a much abridged summary than my usual. I have fallen behind on posting and just needed to get caught up.

The Players

Claudius, an ogre street sam
Felix, an elven Cat shaman
Sechs, a human mage
Delta, an elven technomancer

Debriefing Log

Summary: Horizon’s community clinic was robbed, days before their scheduled outreach program. When 3,000 people are at risk of dying, even the good guys call you to go and hurt some bad guys. Successful objectives included:
• Recovered vaccine.
• Stopped the Master Shedim

Comments: The runners did a great job of moving through the mission and were in good health at the final battle. They narrowly managed to defeat the Master Shedim in an exciting climax. The adventure setting was relocated to Door County, WI for several reasons. The team was based in Chicago. There are several nearby islands that were inhabited by Potawatomi natives. And best of all, Door County is named from the French appellation Porte des Morts, meaning “Death’s Door.” Too perfect not to use for the Shedim!

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 12,000 nuyen
Karma: 7
Reputation: +2 Street Cred (due to Horizon P2.0 service)
Contacts: John Silva, Horizon Mr. Johnson (Loyalty +1/Connection 5)

Take a Chance SRM 05-06,

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published Missions adventure, Take a Chance SRM 05-06, that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

The Players

Claudius, an ogre street sam
Felix, an elven Cat shaman
Shi, an elven technomancer rigger
Delta, an elven technomancer

Scene 1: The Purple Pig

Scan This: Sid relays job from Silverleaf who interviews teams at the Purple Pig

  • Commcall from Sid leads to meet with Sarah Silverleaf for a rush job at the Purple Pig, meet in 4 hours. He reserved the PCs a table.
  • Several other runner teams are waiting an interview in the restaurant dining room.
  • While waiting to meet with Silverleaf, Simon Andrews offers to pay 3,000 nuyen for copy of any data recovered. Delta agrees to terms.

Scene 2: Meeting Silverleaf

Scan This: Silverleaf interviews PCs.

  • Silverleaf is flanked by a pair of suited female trolls with sunglasses
  • After introductions and small talk, she says to Delta, “Although some of you complete Rose Valley pharmaceutical job, I prefer to let bygones be bygones. I’m glad to give you a chance to redeem yourselves.”
  • She asks some Shi to describe the most difficult challenge of their career, Claudius about the most treacherous environment the teams has operated within, and Felix about a perfect date night!
  • She explains pay: 6,000 nuyen plus bonuses for paydata. “Exclusive access is implicit.” Transportation will be arranged or 3,000 nuyen bonus provided if unnecessary.
  • After getting the job, the team learns the details: travel by minisub to an abandoned aquaology and recover any valuable research data, samples or prototypes within 24 hours.

Scene 3: Cut Scene: Goober by the Seashore

Scan This: Brief description of crew compartment of the Delphin minisub piloted by Goober, dwarven armorer and rigger. Team is outfitted with diving gear, gyrojet pistols, and spearguns (may be purchased or returned at the mission’s end). Claudius also notices a silhouette of a swimming humanoid in the murky water.

Scene 4: Shipping and Recieving

Scan This: The minisub approaches the facility

  • Team notes 80 m depth, sense of things moving in the murky water, and 3 structures (one small command structure atop 10 m pillars tethered to a large structure just off the lake floor, and a 3rd collapsed module appears more like an artificial reef). Command structure includes a moon pool. Claudius notes the place is covered with mussels and strange softball-sized plants that look like cacti.
  • Felix’s astral scouting uncovers Force 3 astral barrier on command structure, Force 6 on lower module and an non-hostile patrolling Force 4 water spirit.

Scene 5: We’re Not Alone

Scan This: After docking at the command module, the PCs find it inhabited.

  • PCs enter dank, foul air in dark facility with lapping of moon pool waves and occasional ominous groans. Signage is in Japanese. Many doors must be forced open with rooms abandoned and clearly scavenged. A few small potted plants line the hallway.
  • Shi notes a non-functioning blue-water generator in the electrical storage room. The teams also finds the elevator shaft to the other intact module is flooded.
  • Using a large earth spirit, Felix corners and grapples a young human. Astrally, she looks like an unfamiliar metatype using an awakened power. Eventually the team negotiates with her and offers her a couple burner commlinks. Then Shi remembers the blue water generator and fixes it. Thrilled, she introduces herself as Otoko. She offers to take the team to the tribe leader, Ryujin.

Scene 6: Tribal Talks?

Scan This: PCs arrive at manufacturing module and encounter merrow tribe within.

  • PCs enter nauseating rotted-fish smell and dark large chamber with central greenhouse and surrounding greenish glowing algae that fluoresces near magic.
  • Meet with tribe leader Ryujin and offer to flood the facility and report on its destruction to protect the merrow from future investigation. Ryujin agrees and takes them the Dr. Urashima.
  • The Dr. agrees to come to the surface but does not want to see the merrow harmed. The team brings him to the docks where he leaves to find his own fate.
  • The PCs contact Silverleaf and Simon Andrews for their payday!

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 12,000 nuyen
Karma: 7 (Returning memory core, bringing Dr. U to surface, recovering plant samples, survival 2, mission difficulty 2)
Reputation: +1 Street Cred for saving Dr. U
Contacts: Sarah Silverleaf (Loyalty +1/Connection 5), Simon Andrews (Loyalty +1/Connection 5), Goober (Loyalty +1/Connection 4)

CMP 2014-01 to -04 Boundless Mercy Series
Gamhole Con 2015

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published Boundless Mercy adventure series, that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

All 4 adventures were run at Gamehole Con in Madison, WI in November 2015. BTW this is an awesome, rapidly growing con dedicated to tabletop games. I hope to see a much bigger CDT presence next year and will do what I can to make this happen!

Session 1. Boundless Mercy: Recon
The team’s rigger barreled up to the hunting lodge ruin and team went all-out assault mode. They destroyed two Force 6 beast spirits and 3 Specter mages. They found a hostile specter (spirit, not a ganger) in the basement. It was the restless spirit of a dead IoND mage and gave the party some grief with its invisibility and improved reflexes spells. After defeating the ghost, the team delivered the unpowered node but did not try to hack it, so no bonus nuyen for watching the Initiate’s home movies.

Session 2. Boundless Mercy: Search
The team made good use of their contacts to track to down the IoND hotel/safehouse. Astral scouting revealed the fireball alchemical preparations and the raging cyber-troll. It was a ghoul with cybereyes and all of the research subjects were Infected since it fit better with the story’s theme. The troll was a beast! Nearly every PC attacked it for 2 passes before it went down. The team found a dead IoND mage with a commlink which included the address of the 2nd safe house.

Once there, 3 runners used stealth to get close enough to listen but one was spotted. After getting chased off by a water spirit, the ork sam unknowingly was tailed astrally by the spirit for the rest of the adventure. He, of course, led the spirit back to the rest of the team. The IoND mages and spirits used invisibility to ambush the spread out group. There was a massive battle that ended with the team’s troll botching a test with a grenade leading to 2 exploded cars, several dead mages, and the team’s GMC bulldog nearly crushed from a car falling on top it. The team did manage to take the mage boss alive and learn that Girardi had fled to Montreal. They ran out to time, so were unable to share their findings with Elizabeth.

Session 3. Boundless Mercy: Recover
The PCs ghosted this one! I’ve only had 2 sessions where no shots were fired. This is one of them. Of 6 players, we had 4 face archetypes.

In the West Island dive bar, one face, disguised as a Seattle ganger paying homage to the Hellsouls, bribed his way in to see Hellbent. (Side note: 4 players noted above had the Disguise skill so the primary character for the teamwork test got 7 hits!) After Hellbent gave them the job, the team went to check out the shipping warehouse. They did not have magical support, so they decided to talk their way in. One PC used Remo (as a contact), to locate the shipment. Another hired Quantum Princess to route a phone call through a corporate office and informed the freight company manager that a technician would be coming by to modify some chips. Despite multiple Con tests, a single PC walked right in and nearly completed the job without any excitement.

Unbeknownst to the PCs, Hellbent’s device notified him when it was used, so he called in an anonymous tip that the warehouse was being infiltrated. Guards started running around, spirits were patrolling enthusiastically. A trio of guards and a mage went to reassess the “technician” who lied so convincingly that not even astral perception thwarted him. He was escorted off the property without any signs of foul play. The team returned to Hellbent who goaded them to accuse him but they kept their cool. He harrumpted and gave them the location of the IoND Montreal compound (and the bonus nuyen for all 6 cases).

Session 4. Boundless Mercy: Destroy
(I had the most unusual PC I have seen. A human cyborg with 2 cyberarms and a cyber-centaurine trunk and legs, complete with in line skates. His player said that his movement was on par with a Speed 4 vehicle! He also had over 40 dice for his damage resistance tests.)

The team got the job from Elizabeth and Laurent. It always struck me as weird that Elizabeth would give the team a side job despite her crazy desire to get at Girardi. Instead, I said that Kay St. Jaques was an in-hiding former IoND mage now running a children’s clinic to assuage her soul. By helping Kay, with her child-snatching mystery, she would detail the IoND compound’s defenses.

Two PCs were so moved by the children’s plight that they donated 1500 nuyen each (I should have given them each a bonus Karma but I ran out of time at the end. If either of you read this, contact me any I’ll amend your debriefing log.)

As the team solved the clinic’s mystery, the ghouls attacked. It was a great battle with suppressive fire, concealed ghouls, flamethrower spells and so on. The cyber-centaur had 4 ghouls making teamwork attacks against him, but none managed to hurt him. The ghouls did however provide enough distraction for the ghoul mage to wallop the horse-man-thing with 5 boxes of stun damage from a manabolt!

The ghouls were defeated and Kay told all. (The ghoul mage with his spirit’s movement power actually outran the cyber-centaur, Speed 72 vs. 80!) Then the team went to the IoND compound. What followed was an elaborate assault on the compound complete with illusory attack choppers, levitating cyber-horses, and sniper-on-sniper action. The PCs were battling at a standstill when the B&E expert slipped into the office and saw Girardi with his vampiric benefactor. The B&E guy soiled himself a little. When the vamp disappeared, Giardi dropped from narcojet toxin and was whisked away.

Sadly we ran short on time, so I had to narrate the great escape and Our Lady’s big reveal at the end. Nonetheless, an amazing climatic battle and everyone seemed to have a great time!

While the City Sleeps SRM 05-05

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published Missions adventure, While the City Sleeps SRM 05-05, that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Also note this is a much abridged summary than my usual. I have fallen behind on posting and just needed to get caught up.

The Players

Martial, an ogre street sam
Felix, an elven Cat shaman
Sechs, a human mage
Delta, an elven technomancer
Gurdek, an ork phys ad

Debriefing Log

Summary: Sid contacts the runners for a rush job, one night only. Follow the trail, find the data, and get it done before the sun comes up. Successful objectives included:
• Recover the data for sid
• Ensure no other copies exist
• Take care of Miguel Garza
• Take out the Chemical Boyz
• Survived

Complications: Via excellent legwork the runners learned that the Chemical Boyz used biologic warfare. Then the team failed to pick up gas masks, respirators or antidote patches – not once but twice. They were stymied on 2 separate nights, before completing it on the third try. (I wouldn’t usually offer this option, but we have a stable group and they wanted to keep at it.)

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 7,875 nuyen
Karma: 7
Reputation: None
Contacts: Sid (Loyalty +2/Connection 3)

Liberation SRM 05-04

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published Missions adventure, Liberation SRM 05-04, that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Unless I hear clamoring for the old narrative format, I will continue to use this outline format for session summaries. It’s much less time consuming for me.

The Players

Martial, an ogre street sam
Sechs, a human mage
Feliz, an elven Cat shaman
Gurdek, an ork phys ad
Delta, an elven technomancer

Scene 1: Hire Learning

Scan This: PCs are phoned by Lothan the Wise for a job at the Chicago Field Museum

  • Arrive at the Wisest Troll in the basement of Murphy’s Pub. Lothan is abrasive and condescending, especially considering the PC’s previous failure
  • Hired to get canister CAT2700 from Dr. Eric Kersh, leader of the Astral Space Preservation Society.
    • Must not let Kersh know that Lothan is the buyer
    • Felix negotiates XXX nuyen
    • Delta scans the matrix for basic information about the ASPS and learns the that canister contains an unknown mineral
  • Lothan’s office contains magical knick-nacks and an antique rotary dial phone.

Scene 2: Shy Town

Scan This: PCs meet with Kersh and get sent to the Cermak Crater to collect a sample

  • At the Field Museum, now called The Sanctum, the PCs meet Dr. Kersh and his doddering assistant, Daytripper.
  • Kersh offers to exchange the canister for a trip to the Cermak Crater and a 15 minute sampling of the physical and astral space using a unique sensor of his design.
    • Felix negotiates the use of some old hazmat suits but can find only one ork sized suit.

Scene 3: Geiger Counter

Scan This: PCs travel to the Cermak Crater and encounter its denizens

  • After considerable deliberating involving a bomb squad drone, a McGyvered button pusher and various spells and spirits, Gurdek dons a hazmat suit and jogs toward the crater
    • He encounters a pair of playful radiation spirits who want to play tag and other children’s games. He keeps the busy and gets the sample, but suffers severe radiation poisoning.

Scene 4: Double Cross

Scan This: PCs return to Dr. Kersh only to find a gunfight and the canister stolen!

  • Nearing the Sanctum, the PCs hear gunshots. Dr. Kersh and Daytripper are being attacked by Swamp Thang gangers.
    • Sechs drops an ice sheet spell on the steps causing several gangers to topple while Felix casts combat spells
    • Martial and Gurdek close in melee and wipe out several
  • Once defeated, Dr. Kersh is grateful and abashed by his loss of the canister after the PCs completed their part of the deal.
    • Kersh offers Felix and Sechs a 20% discount on any single purchase of magical gear AND offers one quickened spell of Force 4 or less to each non-spellcaster in the group (this is a retcon change from in game).
    • Delta determines that the Swamp Thangs are a lower tier gang with a hideout in the Calumet Swamp near the south end of Lake Michigan.

Scene 5: Swamp Thing

Scan This: PCs assault the Swamp Thangs hideout to recover the canister

  • The PCs find the gangers guarding a small warehouse near an abandoned train yard
    • Using Stealth and Felix’s earth spirit’s concealment power, the team approaches unseen
    • Under the globe of Sech’s silence spell, Martial snipes guards one by one
    • The team barges through the front door and drops 2 more gangers before any enemy shots are fired and the canister is recovered

Scene 6: Payout?

Scan This: PCs call Lothan to get paid or so they think

  • Back outside Miller’s Pub the PCs meet Lothan who is uncharacteristically praising and plainly dressed.
    • When the PCs suspect something’s up, Lothan turns into a wendigo insect shaman wearing Swamp Thang colors
    • Following several rounds of gunfire and spellcasting, the wendigo summons a mosquito insect spirit to cover her escape. The PCs destroy the spirit eventually.
  • The PCs return to the real Lothan for payment and grudging respect for completing the mission

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: XXX nuyen
Karma: 6 (Collecting sample from crater 1, recovering canister 1, defeating wendigo 0, survival 1, mission difficulty 3)
Reputation: +1 Street Cred for rescuing Dr. Kersh from Swamp Thangs
Contacts: Lothan the Wise (Loyalty 1/Connection 4)
Other Advancement: Felix and Sechs get a 20% discount on any single purchase of magical gear. Martial, Gurdek and Delta get one quickened spell of Force 4 (4 hits)

Sprawl Wilds - Manhunt

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published Sprawl Wilds adventure ,titled Manhunt, that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Unfortunately, this session summary will be unusually brief. Real life constraints prevent my preferred narrative summary.

The Players

  • Martial, an ogre street sam
  • Sechs, a human mage
  • Feliz, an elven Cat shaman
  • Gurdek, an ork phys ad
  • Ghost (until given a new street name), a human covert ops specialist

Scene 1: The Job Offer

Scan This: Called by Mr. Johnson (from last session’s Seattle job) who puts team in contact with Hua, an elven mage
Job Details (From Hua)

  • Bring in supplies, keep Hua alive, assist with his investigation into animal attacks in the Seattle Barrens
  • Background:
    • Some Rat’s Nest traders disappeared a week ago. The body parts suggested a powerful animal attack
    • Two nights ago a motley group of animals attacked (transmits trideo). Compound leader called Hua for assistance.
    • The animal attack returned last night
  • Location: Kaur’s Farm, Redmond Barrens near Salish-Shidhe border.
  • Hua recommends traveling with a scheduled Crimson Crush convoy. Offers use of a GAZ P-179 truck. Contact is named a troll named Arona at Crusher 495.
  • Payment: 7,000 nuyen each (after 2 hits from Feliz on Negotiation test)

Scene 2: Into the Barrens

Scan This: Travel through the Barrens with Crush convoy

  • Fee: 200 nuyen each (price ramped up due to Felix’s suit, looks like he’s got money to burn)
  • Trip: No significant complications

Scene 3: Kaur’s Farm

Scan This: Arrive at “Kaur’s Farm”, meet Mr. Singh and learn about attacks

  • Arrival: 2 p.m. (6 hours until dark)
  • Guard delays them so they can be astrally screened by low-power magician. Will ask about exposure to “Vampire Virus”. If screen positive, Mr. Singh arrives a few minutes later. Hua will limp out to greet them too. Martial details exposure to Ms. Nunn, a nosferatu but is ultimately granted entrance.
  • Details last night’s attack (mist lynx and devil rats together) and local word of a nearby shanty town attacked in the night.
    • Hua wants runners to investigate the attack site and gives them a Forensics kit
    • Mr. Singh politely notes that it might be more helpful for the PCs to help reinforce the defenses or repair the generator or help heal the injured or boost morale
      • Felix helps magically heal several injured farmers
      • Ghost repairs the wind turbines and activates floodlights.
      • Felix’s earth elemental, Martial and Gurdek reinforce the compound’s sandbags and damaged fence
  • Return by nightfall – another attacks is expected

Scene 4: “They ate the bodies?!”

Scan This: Investigate the destroyed Shanty Town

  • Some scavenging gangers run off as the team approaches
  • The team finds evidence of a metahuman raid during animal attacks, including spear hafts, shell casings. There is also evidence of cannibalism. Also atypical animal behavior and types of animals working together, likely subject to mental manipulation spells or critter power.

Scene 5: Neo-tribal cannibal hippies

Scan This: Fend of assault on Kaur’s Farm

  • First wave: 11 p.m.
    • From west eucalyptus forest: 5 dogs, 1 barghest (howl from treeline)
      • None are effected by barghest’s howl. Magicians provide overwatch from tower. Ghost, Gurdek take out hounds.
    • From north or south: 2 gabriel hounds sneak in during commotion
      • Spotted by Martial who takes out both before crossing the fence.
  • Second wave: 2 a.m.
    • West wall: 3 scouts try to sneak to fence but are engaged by Martial before they can throw grenades.
    • Piasma crashes through fence
      • Gurdek softens it with a grenade and then closes into melee to finish it off
    • Enemy mage in owl form flies overhead providing casting support
      • Felix’s fire elemental takes him down “like a comet streaking toward the earth”

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 7,000 nuyen each
Karma: 8 (Survival 2; healed the injured, improved morale, repaired turbines up to 1 each, max 2; defended Mr Singh 1, defended greenhouses 1, run difficulty 2)
Reputation: +1 Street Cred (saved farm and (partially) solved investigation)
Contacts: “Donnie” Hua (Seattle elf – affiliation unknown) (Loyalty 1, Connection 3), Bhagat Singh (Seattle Sikh troll compound leader, border’s Salish-Shidhe) (Loyalty 2, Connection 1)

CMP 2014-06 A Night's Work

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published CMP 2014-06 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Spring 2076. After flying back to Seattle and picking up their gear from a discreet shipping company, the team met with Mr. Johnson in the Barrens. Within an abandoned warehouse, a Hispanic man stepped out of a black Americar. Martial, an ogre street sam, Sechs, a human mage, Delta, an elven technomancer, and Batomi, an elven Rat shaman, recognized the same Mr. Johnson who brought them to the Seattle Sprawl for a run a few weeks ago (CMP 2014-05). The current team added Gurdek, an ork phys ad.

Mr. Johnson smiled and said, “Thank you for meeting me. I have a job and you have proven quite capable. I need you to deposit information onto the host of a corporate facility. I don’t want them to know the file has been added of course. I can pay you 5,000¥. If you are undetected, I would then like you to extract an unwilling employee from the same location. For this, I will pay an additional 7,500¥. Are you interested?”

Batomi was able to negotiate a 500¥ bonus for expenses for a total of 13,000¥ for both parts of the mission.

Mr. Johnson provided the rest of the details. “I need you to download the contents of an optical chip on to the Tacoma NeoNet HR facility host. I have already arranged on site access to their host via a workstation on the third floor. The office is number 317.”

“It is critical that the information be uploaded without NeoNet’s knowledge. Failure to be undetected will result in decreased compensation.”

“If you are completely undetected, however, I will send you the bio of an extraction target who will be in the building. He should be considered unwilling. The target has no magic, augmentations, or known defense training.”

The team finished their questions and headed straight toward the Tacoma building. En route, Delta scanned the matrix and found basic floor plans from before it was owned by NeoNet. Nearing the building, the runnres found a busy bar with lots of pedestrians despite the trickle of rain. From there, they could observe the target building without attracting attention.

Batomi and Sechs noted a weak Spirit of Man circling the seven-story building with mirrored windows. Using clairvoyance, Batomi also viewed the empty lobby and saw a lone guard patrolling the 2nd floor and heading down the stairs toward the lobby. Later, he headed back upstairs.

Pretending to be drunk, Martial and Delta approached the front door. Martial popped the cover off the maglock and Delta slotted a cable into the device. Courtesy of his ‘trodes and technomancer wizardry, he quickly hacked the lock and marked the powerful NeoNet host. As the circling spirit slowed, Sechs cast an influence spell and convinced it that “these are not the pedestrians you are looking for.”

Once the door was open, the team quickly slipped inside. As luck would have it, the sec guards and security spider weren’t looking at the screen attached to the front camera at that moment.

Inside the sterile lobby, Batomi directed his clairaudient ears upward. On the second floor, he heard the patrolling guard entering the stairwell. Fearing he was moments from entering the lobby, everyone hid. The corporate furniture provided scat cover and the team was tense even with a spirit concealing them. Then, Gurdek accidently dropped a magazine from his SMG onto the faux marble floor with a terrible clatter. Fortunately, however, after several seconds no guard appeared. Batomi magically confirmed that he had moved to the 3rd floor.

Batomi followed the guard using clairvoyance to the 5th floor where he briefly chatted with a middle-aged human man getting a snack from the cafeteria. The guard continued upward and out of the Rat shaman’s range.

Delta hacked the lobby camera and the team silently moved up the stairs. On the 3rd floor, they found a cubicle farm with surrounding offices. Office 317 included a nameplate near the office door that read, “Peter Erdmann, Defense Projects Personnel Manager”. Inside, the 3 by 4 meter office was a faux oak desk. An AR “screensaver” swirled over the top of it. Behind the desk were framed professional degrees and a 4-foot-long ornate sword. (The engraved frame read, “Excalibur”, but the runners never investigated it.)

Delta found the terminal already logged into and quickly downloaded the file. Then, he notified the Johnson who replied, “Good work. Your target is Peter Erdmann, age 58, human male. Current location shared.” An ARO popped into their AR view. He was upstairs, likely the guy in the cafeteria.

Using clairvoyance again, Batomi confirmed that the guard was on the 7th floor. He had just entered a security office with 2 other guards. (Clairvoyance failed to “see” the Spirit of Air in astral space who immediately recognized the astral signature of a suspicious spell. The spirit sped to its off-site conjurer to report.)

Delta hacked the elevator and the team, cloaked in magical concealment, rode to the 5th floor. Mr. Erdmann was unconscious from Narcoject toxin so fast he barely had time to utter, “Not again.”

As the team drug the limp body toward the elevator, the returned air spirit manifested amongst them. Then it engulfed Gurdek. The ork turned purple and gasped for air as Sechs tore at it with a manabolt. Just as Batomi banished the spirit, Delta yelled, “Incoming guards!”

The technomancer’s sprite bricked one guard’s SMG as the other two lined up shots from the stairwell. Batomi magically controlled one of the pair and prepared to have him turn on his ally. Before friendly fire could be induced, Martial dropped one with a tight 3-round burst of stick-N-shock rounds. Gurdek, having caught his wind, closed and slammed the controlled guard with a stun glove. He slumped as the ork moved onto the landing and found the third guard (with the bricked gun) lobbing a grenade. Gurdek grinned. He snatched the projectile from the air like a Seattle Mariners star. And threw it back. After the flash-bang explosion, the last guard was down.

The team grabbed Mr. Erdmann and raced for the front door. Delta spoofed the cameras.

At the front door, the patrolling Spirit of Man descended. Batomi and Sechs disrupted it before it could even manifest.

The runner’s van drove casually away while the NeoNet High Threat Response Team was just leaving their garage miles away.

Mr. Johnson met the team at an unimaginative sports bar named The Sports Bar on the edge of Tacoma and Puyallup. His ork bodyguard collected Mr. Erdmann, while the runners got paid. He implied more work would come given their performance and walked out into the pattering Seattle rainfall.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 13,000 nuyen each
Karma: 7 (survival, file download, remaining unnoticed for 1st mission, extracting Erdmann)
Reputation: +1 Street Cred (download undetected)
Contacts: Mr. Johnson (Seattle Hispanic human man) (Loyalty 1, Connection 5)

SRM 05-03 Gone Long Gone

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published SRM 05-03 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

On a blustery spring day in the Windy City 2076, the runners got an early morning call from their fixer, Quantum Princess. She offered a meet with a Ms. Johnson at the swanky Northside Gale Street Inn. The Johnson turned out to be an elven knockout who knew how to use her plunging neckline to keep the guys off balance. Fortunately, Zee, the group’s social adept kept a cool head and negotiated a decent increase above the base pay. The job was to collect the offline node from an abandoned business in the Zone. The business, Valley Rose Pharmaceuticals, was largely destroyed by the neighboring atomic Cermak blast almost 20 years prior. The team otherwise included Martial, an ogre street sam, Gurdek, an ork phys ad, Sechs, a human mage, and three hackmasters: Frostbite, a human combat hacker, Dogfood, a human technomancer, and Delta, an elven technomancer.

While the hackers were digging up data on the VRP complex and Cermak blast, Martial got another call. A jade sparrow icon with a female voice asked for a meet to discuss the job the team was just given. After agreeing, Martial drove the team to the Park Bait Shop at Cricket Hill Park. An ork woman with a hooded cloak informed the runners that VRP was working on developing a vaccine for FAB III, the magic-eating bacteria that was largely responsible for destroying Chi-Town’s bug problem. She wanted the data destroyed and was willing to pay the team the same amount of money.

The team agreed to those terms but there was dissent about which contract they would ultimately renege on.

The ork woman directed the team to Miller’s Pub in old downtown to meet with another contact, Lothan the Wise. He would know more about what threats inhabited the VRP building. She warned that Lothan would be ornery – an understatement to be sure.

Once at the war-torn but once classy pub, the team bumped into Becky99 who Zechs, Martial, and Delta had just worked for a couple weeks earlier. The runners went into the talismonger shop below the taproom named The Wisest Troll. Inside, they found Lothan hulking over several gems and stones on a parchment of strange geometrics. He was obviously annoyed to be disturbed but Zee was gracious and flattering, so the troll explained what he knew. The VRP office building was still intact and now served as the base for an ultra-violent gang known as The Hot Dawgs. The basement was the lair of The Founder, a toxic shaman with intimate knowledge of pharmaceuticals. The Founder also somehow had a beaded necklace (spellcasting focus) that belonged to Lothan. The troll offered to trade magical goods for its return. He concluded by saying that he didn’t expect the team to succeed or necessarily to even survive.

The team piled into Martial’s van and headed deeper into the Zone. Gurdek spotted a pair of jackknifed rust buckets blocking the next intersection. Martial also noticed a lit burn barrel in a nearby alley without anyone warming themselves. Expecting an ambush, he started to flip a uey. Then the shots came.

A gang of 5 zoners tried to disable the vehicle by targeting the tires but Martial’s quick reactions kept the vehicle safe. Then he decided he’d rather fight than flee.

The ogre jumped out the side facing the gangers but none their many bullets pierced his armor. He focused fire on 2 gangers near the end of the block and ended them. The hackers bricked the gun of the rooftop sniper, while Gurdek charged the last 2 near the burn barrel. The fight ended quickly. The only loot was some roughly used Colt M-23 assault rifles.

Twenty minutes later, the runners drove down Racine Avenue approaching 20th. In the distance, they could see the Cermak Blast zone with its leveled buildings and strangely barren center. The radiation sensors flipped to yellow.

Sechs, wanting to scout the VRP building, astrally projected. A maelstrom surrounded the blast site but seemed to end before the far end of the target complex. He slipped into a third floor wall and found a pair of gangers smoking and arguing. In the next room, he found a hellhound who growled and began barking. Sechs cast a manabolt with minimal effect. The hellhound then chomped into Sechs’ astral form.

Back in the Bulldog, the team saw a massive rent open in Sechs’ abdomen. They quickly hooked up the medkit as the mage returned to consciousness. He finished healing the horrible wound magically and explained what happened.

Deciding that speed was of the essence, Martial pulled his van near the ground floor entrance. He and Gurdek ripped the reinforced door from its hinges. The waiting ganger inside cringed and wildly sprayed the doorway. The hapless sod quickly fell to the combined attacks from Martial, Gurdek, Zee, and Jackfrost. The four decided against the stairs leading downward (toxic shaman-ward?) given the upstairs gangers would be flanking them. They snuck up a spiral stairwell and found a long, dark, and ominously quiet hallway.

The last runner to enter the floor was Jackfrost, who was unfortunately the only one able to see through the illusionary walls hiding the Hot Dawgs. As the combat decker’s eyes widened in surprise, a concealed form slashed a matte black combat blade into Jack’s shoulder. Gasping and coughing blood, he knew his lung was collapsed. Before he hit the ground however, a gout of flame shot through the “wall” and covered Zee. She howled in pain as her hair and skin melted to her flaming clothing. Two other gangers entered the opposite end of the hall, but even their heavy pistol rounds could not puncture Martial’s thick ogre hide.

With two members nearly dying, it was a fierce battle to regain the team’s footing. Gurdek turned the tide by literally stomping the hellhound to death. The fully healed Sechs was more than a match for the ganger mage despite the arcane dampening of the tainted locale. Gurdek and Martial ganged up (pun intended) on the Hot Dawgs’ leader, The Hound.

With moderate or worse injuries on nearly every member, the runners retreated. In no shape to face a toxic shaman on his own turf, they returned to report their failure.

Lothan was characteristically charming. “I suppose I should be impressed that you even lived. Well, I’m not. Don’t bother calling looking for more work.”

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: None
Karma: 2 (survival, defeating the Hot Dawgs)
Reputation: 0 Street Cred (-1 for failing mission, +1 for defeating Hot Dawgs)
Contacts: Lothan the Wise (Loyalty -1 if previously a contact)

SRM 05-02 Critic’s Choice

Spoiler Alert! This post includes details of the published SRM 05-02 adventure that will be spoiled if you continue reading. You have been warned.

Having just returned from the Seattle Metroplex, the runners weren’t expecting more work so soon. They got a call from a Chicago fixer that they hadn’t worked with before. A greasy man named Sid said he had a job and to meet tonight at The Vault, a Containment Zone arena/bazaar/clinic complex. The team, including Delta, an elven technomancer, Martial, an ogre street sam, and Sechs, a human mage, piled into Martial’s van.

En route through the nighttime CZ, they came upon a gang of Fleshmongers, a vile band of humanoids who hunt people and sell them to the inhabitants of Ghoultown. They were harvesting a small boy and his mother from their wrecked van.

Martial was driving so he decided to intervene. He sideswiped the Fleshomonger SUV pinning it to the neighboring building. The runners piled out and quickly defeated the gangers and their ghoul collector. Only the invisible enemy mage invisibly escaped. The team used their medkit and spells to stabilize both victims.

Once at the Vault, the mother and son were sent to the attached clinic for evaluation. The team headed to the arena where a prizefight was just ending. Apparently, a burly elf named Matt Wrath had just KO’ed his opponent in record time. Sid was prancing around the ring and texted the runners to meet in the locker room.

Once there, the team met Sid and Matt in person. Sid directed them to a Johnson named Dr. Tate in the clinic next door. Matt told them to speak with a local gang boss named Becky 99 for a related side job.

Over at the clinic, the runners met Dr. Tate. He explained the job. He wanted ownership data stripped from the offline computers at an old trid studio near the Cermak Blast. He intended to turn the site into another clinic and didn’t want completion when the place was auctioned soon. The team agreed to take the job for 6,000 nuyen and priority medical service at Dr. Tate’s clinic.

Then the runners went to find Becky 99. She turned out to be the local gang leader of an all woman gang called the Desperation Angels. She wanted any videotaped data from the trid studio that was filmed before the bugs came. She offered to pay $500 nuyen for each useful file. The team agreed.

Delta learned that the site of interest used to be called Chicago Genesis, the one-time headquarters of Brilliant Genesis and a Neil the Ork Barbarian theme park.

Once they arrived, the team found only a mild radiation level surrounding the huge boarded up building. On the roof were 2 stealthy lookouts, but Sechs spotted them easily from astral space.

Once they made a plan, it was go time. Sechs used an air elemental to conceal himself. Then Delta went into full VR and fell unconscious. Martial lugged the techno’s meat body down the road. When a guard peered out, Sechs cast an influence spell and compelled him to come down to the front door and check the pair out.

Martial talked his way into the lobby before the spell wore off. The ogre promised to stay in the lobby, while the flustered guard went to ask instructions from his leader.

When the leader returned, he was a hugely muscled human who declared himself Neil the Barbarian and the others members of his tribe of Lost Ones. He loudly demanded that Martial leave. Quickly drawing on his extensive simsense starlet knowledge, the ogre said he was here to pay homage to Neil and his strong and talented wife Jane (played by one of Martial’s favorite actresses in the 2052).

Neil was swayed and Martial was invited to the tribe’s campfire.

Meanwhile, Delta hung out in the matrix. A pair of hidden icons lurked about and the technomancer spotted one, a toned human female in a leopard skin. She had a remarkable resolution that worried Delta. She asked what he was doing there, so he told her the truth. She told him to return to his body and not return to the matrix while under her husband’s roof. Delta complied.

The next morning, Delta and Martial decided to be frank. They told Neil why they were there. Martial clumsily negotiated a deal on behalf of Dr. Tate but found a good compromise. The tribe would stay put, provide security, get free medical care and the runners would provide a mint condition 2050 trideo player and season 7 of Neil the Ork Barbarian. Once hands were shaken, Neil explained the node was in the basement, which served as the tribe’s garbage dump and sewer.

Sechs astrally scouted and found dozens of devil rats. Once ready at the top of the stairs, Martial lobbed a concussion grenade. It exploded and blasted debris and feces everywhere. The ogre dexterously navigated the slimy stairs and Sechs similarly followed. Sechs spotted the computer office just as a glob of drek fell from the ceiling onto Martial’s face (critical glitch on Perception!). Then, three bulldog-sized devil rats attacked the ogre. Martial wildly slammed one with a shock glove just before Sechs dropped a ball lightning spell on the ogre and rat melee. All were stunned but Martial shook off most of the blast. After another series of shock glove and lightning attacks, the rats were defeated.

The pair grabbed the server node and a couple of other optical chips and hard drives before the remaining rats started to close in a second wave. Martial and Sechs climbed the stairs and the mage dropped an ice sheet behind them to prevent being followed.

The chips and hardware had 3 useful files according to Becky 99, but it took all of their bonus earnings to clean the smell out of their gear and find Neil his trid player and videos.

Dr. Tate however was most pleased with the team’s negotiating. He said, ““I must say I am truly impressed with your ability to find solutions that are in the best interest of all of the CZ’s residents. I look forward to working with you in the future.” The runners were paid as agreed.

Picking Up the Pieces

Money: 6,000 nuyen each
Karma: 7 (retrieving Dr. Tate’s data, saving the family from the Fleshmongers)
Reputation: +2 Street Cred (saving the family, getting files for Becky99),
Contacts: Sid (Loyalty 1, Connection 3), Dr. Martin Tate (Loyalty 1, Connection 5), Becky99 (Loyalty 1, Connection 4), Matt Wrath (Loyalty 1, Connection 2)
Note: Each runner gains priority treatment at Dr. Tate’s clinic. If the runner is injured, he/she can visit Dr. Tate to be patched up to full health once, free of charge (It will take 1 hour per box of damage he heals.)


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