Shadowrun Missions Madison

04-00 Back in Business
Session 1

Mission Summary

Scene 1: Rock ‘n Roll Singer

The runners are contacted by a fixer named MacCallister for a job opportunity at Underworld 93 for a rare concert.

  • After Emerald Cacophony, a synthmetal band, opens, mega-star Mercurial plays
  • Random violence: a human man with a gun grabs a club-goer. Solitaire and Mr. Smith close on him while Bubba Yugga magically compels him to toss away the gun. The fight ends before many even know what happened. The MC nods approvingly.

Scene 2: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

The runners meet with MacCallister and get hired to find a missing woman ASAP.

  • MacCallister is an older ork (late 40s) with a 2050s era cyberdeck
  • Explains the job: An archoarcheologist named Fiona Craig arrived in Seattle last night from Greece and vanished.
  • Negotations: Mr. Smith manages 3,200¥ per runner

Scene 3: Money Talks

The runners get a second job offer.

  • Laurent Nazaire, a Quebecois dark-skinned dwarf casually approaches outside
  • The job offer: Craig is carrying a magical obsidian stone and he wants it. He offers to pay 2,800¥ per runner. Mr. Smith later learns that Nazaire represents The Atlantean Foundation.

Scene 4: Night Prowler

Through legwork, the runners learn that Craig checked into a Bellevue hotel and go to investigate

  • The Mulvihill Hotel is light on security and Solitaire and Mr. Smith make short work of getting in
  • Craig’s room contains a leather diary detailing the Morel Stone and a meet scheduled for last night, “Jack Turner, Seattle, 20:00.”
  • Mr. Smith’s matrix search yields a known smuggler named Captain Jack Turner based out of the Ork Underground.

Scene 5: Ruff Stuff

Upon entering the Underground, the runners get wrapped up in three way battle.

  • Haze tracked down an OU contact to find out about Capt. Jack and got pulled into a gang fight between the Skraacha and the Reality Hackers.
  • The Hackers attack the runners gear and commlinks but quickly get shut down by the runners’ combined firepower and matrix offense.
  • Reality Hacker Lieutenant Neon Mech is taken down just a Knight Errant Special Task Force members storm the OU. The runners escape into the tunnels.

Scene 6: Guns for Hire

The runners get yet another job offer, this time from a Seattle Assistant District Attorney.

  • Haze gets his commlink hacked – by a Knight Errant decker, and gets connected to ADA Dana Oaks. She informs the runners that Jack Turner is a BTL smuggler that could lead KE up the supply chain.
  • Mr. Smith fails to negotiate beyond 4,000¥ per runner – Oaks won’t budge.

Scene 7: Shake a Leg

The runners make their way into the OU and find a guide who leads them to Captain Jack’s hideout.

  • Haze leads the runners through a warehouse (in the Port of Seattle) that led into the underground grill named Knuckleburger.
  • Once onto the main drag, the runners meet an ork youth named Pip. He charges 50¥ per runner but leads them straight to Turner’s hideout in Pirate’s Cove

Scene 8: Kicked in the Teeth

The runners find Turner’s boat abandoned and his dockside warehouse.

  • The runners (with Pip’s assistance) find Turner’s boat, the Fortune Hunter. It’s empty but Haze manages to piss off the locals get in a fight.
  • Casing the joint: Mr. Smith notes an absence of wireless signals and Bubba Yugga encounters a powerful charged ward.
  • Coordinated assault: From the roof, Solitaire bores a hole in the roof, spots Turner with an endoscope and drops in a flash-bang grenade. Meanwhile, Haze and Speedfreak’s drones blow the front door. Solitaire pulls open a segment of roofing, drops in and trashes Turner. Haze and Candy charge in and get gunned down by several ork guards and automated gun platform. The runners trash several orks and the drone gun and let the remaining orks retreat.
  • Saving the girl: Craig and the Morel Stone are recovered.
  • And stealing the boat: And Speedfreak hacks the Fortune Hunter and runners leave the Underground.

Scene 9: Money Made

The runners get paid.

  • MacCallister puts the runners directly into contact with their employer, Fiona Craig’s father and a fixer and Draco Foundation member named Moreau. He offers the runners 2,000¥ per runner for the Morel Stone. The players decide they want to be friends of the DF instead of the Atlanteans.
  • The runners get paid all contracts as agreed, a total of 9,200¥ per runner
  • Plus 350¥ per runner for fenced weapons
  • Minus the 50¥ per runner paid to Pip
  • For a total payment of 9,500¥ per runner

Orc Underground
Capt Jacks Hideout

Morel Stone

Briefing Log
Briefing Log 04-00


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