Ork Underground

The Ork Underground is vast. Following the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, the city opted to simply build over the old Downtown. Many of the buildings that could be repaired now had their original first floor underground, and even many of the streets remained intact. In the mid 20th century the Underground was partly restored as a tourist destination. After the Awakening and Goblinization, it became a haven for many metahumans, and following the Night of Rage had become a refuge for a large portion of the metahuman population of Seattle.

By 2050, the Underground had been built up and expanded into a thriving district in its own right, though it has never been regarded as such by the City of Seattle. It has its own unofficial mayor, its own police force (since Knight Errant, and Lone Star before them, almost never step foot into the Underground), and entire commercial and residential sections. The entire Underground network has never been properly mapped out and stretches throughout Downtown and beyond.

The citizens of the Underground still don’t trust “topsiders,” as they call anyone who lives on the surface. They put up with the tourists, since that’s a major source of income for many residents, but they’re not fond of people just randomly wandering around the Underground, especially outside of what they call the Tourist Highway, which is the public area of the Underground where tours run. So getting information can be difficult.

Not long ago Alamos 20,000 attacked the Ork Underground and set a large portion of the Tourist Highway on fi re. The faint smell of smoke still lingers in the air, many are still fire-gutted ruins, and the walls are blacked with soot.

The Underground is constantly being expanded and under development. In some sections, if it weren’t for the ever-present ceiling, it would be easy to mistake it for neighborhood streets topside. Two and three story buildings, markets, stores, factories, and even legitimate businesses all call the Underground home.

In other sections, crude tunnels and caves make up a maze that even lifelong residents have trouble navigating. Hidden entryways into basements and sewer lines litter this area of the Underground. Paranormal critters, smugglers, and the more common criminals utilize these tunnels for their own ends.

Many of the tunnels aren’t wide enough for vehicles, so outside of some of the larger areas, vehicles other than motorcycles are rare. Bicycles are very common, however, and all along the Tourist Highway and other commercial areas you can find plenty of
bicycle taxis and plenty of bike rental places (10¥/hour, 150¥ deposit required).

Humans and elves suffer a -2 to all social tests against any of the Undergrounds residents, and any information will cost them twice the nuyen it normally would. Many of the residents are openly hostile outside to any topsiders that aren’t on the tour. Orks, trolls, and dwarves do not suffer this penalty, but are still looked at with distrust.

Ork Underground

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