Questions About Game Play

Here’s a few of the most frequently asked questions from the official FAQ.

When do expansion books and eBooks become legal to use in Missions?

One month after the full release of the product, to allow plenty of time for gamemasters to obtain and read over the new game material. For eBook-only products, this is one month after they go on sale. For products that have a print release, it’s one month from the announced street date for the product.

What is the Missions Calendar?

When you play your first Missions adventure, you should receive a Missions Calendar. You should also start a new one at the beginning of each Missions Season.

The Mission Calendar is used to track time throughout the Missions Season. You can run one Missions adventure per week, and you cannot use that week for anything else. Any additional time that you take to buy gear, train, etc. should all be marked on the calendar, and take additional time on your calendar.

You must pay your Lifestyle costs at the beginning of the week of each month (after the first month), before you do anything else that week.

You may not take more than four weeks off between shadowruns. After all, you need to keep your name out there. Runners that stay hidden too long run the risk of being forgotten, and your fixer will stop calling if you ignore him too often.

Can I buy (fill in the blank)?

If the gear is legally available (has no Availability rating), you can buy it from your local Stuffer Shack, Weapons World, or Kong-Walmart at any time, provided you have the available nuyen. Gear with an Availability rating isn’t as readily available, and as such you need to go looking for it, or have your contacts go looking for it.

If you go looking for a piece of gear, use the standard Availability Test rules (see p. 418, SR5) and mark off the appropriate amount of time on your Missions Calendar. Note that you can only search for one item at a time, as this represents you physically going out and looking for the item, spending time making phone calls, talking with people, buying them drinks, etc.

If you wish to have contacts purchase additional items during a single downtime, use the standard rules for determining what items they can find, and how long it takes (see p. 418, SR5). Since you won’t always know the skills and attributes of all your contacts, all contacts instead use their Loyalty instead of Charisma attribute and Connection in place of their Negotiation skill for the Availability test.

You cannot buy used gear.

Can I spend Edge during downtime?

To prevent abuses of Edge and Edge refresh rates, no, you may not spend Edge during downtime.

Is there a Cash for Karma (or Karma for Cash) option?
Yes! Once between each Missions adventure you may choose to Work For The Man or Work For The People.

If you are Working for the Man, you can trade 1 Karma for 2,000¥. This represents your character going out and doing the dirty, sleazy, or simply boring grunt work for a company or corporation. It pays well, but eats away at your soul.

If you Work for the People, you can trade 2,000¥ for 1 Karma. This represents you going out and doing some pro-bono runner work, helping out at a local soup kitchen, or doing some volunteer work. It costs you a little something, but you feel better about yourself afterward.

In either case, you may only trade away or gain a maximum of 5 Karma each time you Work for the Man or the People, and it takes up one week of downtime during which you can do nothing else. You cannot do this again until after you pull another Shadowrun.

How do I raise skills or attributes, learn new spells, or otherwise advance my character between adventures?

Use the Character Advancement rules (see pp. 103-107, SR5) as normal. Any week spent on a Shadowrun interrupts your training, but you can resume where you left off. If you spend more than three weeks without resuming your training, you lose any progress made and must start from the beginning.

How much do instructors cost?

Instructors will charge (10 x Instructors Skill Rating) nuyen per day. They follow the standard rules for Instruction (see p. 105, SR5) and need a minimum skill rank of 3 or the skill rank you are training to, whichever is higher. Note that this is a tweak to the standard training rules, since they neither list a minimum skill level requirement nor list standard training times.

Can I upgrade my bioware or cyberware?

Presuming that the item in question has not been damaged, you may sell back installed non-cultured bioware and cyberware for a flat 30 percent of its retail value (book price; taking into account alpha or beta mark-up, if any) when upgrading cyberware. Remember, if you upgrade from 3 points of “normalware” to the equivalent in alpha grade, the alpha only takes 2.4 Essence points off, but you do not get the excess back—you simply have a 0.6 point “hole” that can be filled with something else at no further Essence cost until the “hole” is exceeded.

Betaware is available as normal during gameplay. However, keep in mind that deltaware can only be purchased and implanted through special deltaware clinics, and these are only available if a Mission gives the character access to them as a special reward. Contacts will not be able to grant you access to a Delta Clinic under normal circumstances.

Recovering from cybersurgery takes one full calendar week.

Questions About Game Play

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