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This page serves as the hub for Shadowrun Missions Madison wiki. As a Catalyst Demo Team Agent, I run Shadowrun organized play sessions using Shadowrun Missions adventures produced and authorized by Catalyst.

Really FAQ
These links summarize the most common questions, taken from the FAQ (linked below).
Character Creation
Commonly Asked Questions About Missions Play

Important Resources
This is a list of important resources that you should check out before making a character or participating in Missions play.
Shadowrun Missions FAQ v1.2: Must read! You need this to make a character and understand how Missions are different from home games.
Essential Runner Gear: Posted on RunnerHub on Reddit, this is a great article on equipping your character. And just an enjoyable read.
DriveThru RPG Mission Prep Files page: The included FAQ is out of date but you will need the Calendar and might want to select from among the Season 5 contacts as they will show up frequently during Missions.
Shadowrun Missions Facebook page: Good place to look for upcoming releases, artwork.
Shadowrun Wiki: Chicago. Good, brief summary of Chicago Sprawl neighborhoods and factions. Details strained racial and ethnic relations by region, particularly within the old Containment Zone.

House Rules
The House Rules are more just stylistic changes or clarifications for rules ambiguities (not necessarily “correct” rules, but my interpretations).

Rules Summaries
These SR5 cheat sheets summarize the most commonly used rules for tests & Edge, skills, combat, rigging, decking and magic. They were designed to fit “The World’s Greatest GM Screen – Mini.”


Main Page

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